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Wharfedale Speakers
  1. Rajeshh

    Wyred4sound Recovery - USB Re-clocker

    Having good friends is great, but as an audiophile, having friends who are audiophiles, is pretty amazing. I recently upgraded from my LS50 Wireless, to a full blown separate set-up consisting of the Kef Reference 1s, Wyred4sound mAMPSs & mPRE. The upgrade in sound quality is not something i...
  2. R

    Malvai's system

    As I was looking to audition some speakers when I was in Delhi, Malvai and I had decided to dedicate one full-day to audition some speakers at Bass n Treble and listen to Malvai's system. As it turned out my day was entirely washed out due to unplanned activities and it was evening by the time I...