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  1. R

    Planning to buy XBMC

    Hello Folks ! I am planning to buy a reasonably priced XBMC at Rs.7800 that is "MX III 4K ANDROID TV BOX-Android-2GB RAM/8GB ROM". I already have following things connected to Denon AVR through HDMI in (4 ports)... 1. Samsung BD Player 2. TataSky HD And have 2 HDMI in ports free as of...
  2. P

    cubetek new releaseCB4k-400 4k player

    Hi I was looking for reasonable priced media player and one of my friend shared that cubetek launching a new model ...I thought of sharing info with all you.....for detail info we may have to wait for week and so....I will try to post some pic asap... Cubetek launching a new model called...
  3. Rockfella

    Xbmc FTW!

    Right after buying a TV and getting a table made I wanted a player that worked nicely with a MCE remote. I have finally zeroed down on XBMC as my default HTPC software. I tried these: Coral Win DVD: Pros: Popular? 3D support. Cons: Not free, Too slow, takes minutes to start playing movies...
  4. baijuxavior

    For Sale Full function Windows 8 XBMC HTPC

    For sale is my fully configured HTPC based on Windows 8 and XBMC installed on 1TB HDD. This is a full function HTPC, no installation or modification required, just connect the HDMI out to your TV or AVR to enjoy your favourite movies and music. Features The cabinet used is Antec Remote...
  5. dheerajjotwani

    For Sale Htpc

    Acquired a ASUS E350-M1 Pro board from the US using online shipping about two months ago for a low cost htpc for a friend of mine. It is the base of this setup. I have added 4gb corsair ddr3 ram and a Iball baby 315 cabinet. this is a diskless solution so far and runs openelec and xbmc off a pen...
  6. baijuxavior

    Review - FLIRC - A small, wonderful companion for your HTPC

    Getting a quality remote control for PC is a big problem faced by HTPC users. My first PC remote was a generic one which mimics keyboard presses, but the keypresses are fixed and cannot be customized without third party applications like EventGhost. Since different players use different keyboard...
  7. K

    music file management in xbmc

    recently i set up my i7+6770M HP laptop as a HTPC with plex and foobar, later finding plex to be too heavy and loving the smartphone remote of the xbmc, uninstalled plex and shifted to XBMC (Eden 11.0). Since XBMC was new to me, it took me a some time to go through internal settings and see that...
  8. baijuxavior

    Customize Windows 7 for XBMC

    This is a small guide I wrote in xbmc forum on how to configure your win 7 system to get a complete htpc feel. I have discussed some of this topic in my htpc thread, but thought a dedicated thread will be useful for HTPC enthusiasts. Warning: Eventhough I haven't experienced any problem...
  9. R

    Budget HTPC running XBMC

    Hi All, Am new here, and a newbie. Am looking for a HTPC. I don't have the money to buy a branded one (WD, Xtream, etc.) nor do I have the technical know-how to build one from scratch. Have read on this forum and others that if I can get my hands on a reasonably spec'd H/W, I will be able...
  10. baijuxavior

    DIY - AMD Fusion HTPC

    After getting inspiration from the HTPC threads of sam9 and others, I decided to assemble an HTPC myself. I sold my himedia 600b player and bought the components for HTPC. Here I will try to discuss how I assembled the HTPC with necessary images. This was my first complete PC assembling. So I...
  11. A

    Newbie help for HTPC

    Hi All, I have a samsung 46 inch LCD and a hacked Wii which I use to play video files on my TV. I have a pioneer 1020K receiver. My problem is that my Wii doesnt play files 720p and above. I am not a techie and hence not smart enough to build anything on my own. I have a Intel i5, 4GB ram...
  12. Z

    XBMC plugin for watching cricket

    Hey guys, Ive been using xbmc for more than a year now. Now that the cricket world cup is just round the corner, I was wondering if there is a plugin/script for watching cricket matches (from ustream or sopcast) that can be watched from xbmc. Ive been going through the plugin...