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  1. kapvin

    SOLD Kapvin's once in a decade spring-cleaning - Part 2 -AV sources

    Greetings fellow forum members, I wrote about my decennial spring cleaning activity in my previous post and the reason I am doing this Spring cleaning part 1 I am putting up stuff for sale, which I now realise that I should have years ago, in the hope that some of this may be useful to...
  2. P

    cubetek new releaseCB4k-400 4k player

    Hi I was looking for reasonable priced media player and one of my friend shared that cubetek launching a new model ...I thought of sharing info with all you.....for detail info we may have to wait for week and so....I will try to post some pic asap... Cubetek launching a new model called...
  3. D

    WANTED: A working USB wifi xtreamer sidewinder antenna

    After getting nowhere with this earlier post, http://www.hifivision.com/media-streaming-players/6090-xtreamer-media-player-xmp-owners-thread-84.html#post575213 I am now interested in buying a xtreamer sidewinder usb wifi antenna if its in a working condition. I am not keen on buying one if...
  4. H

    Etrayz or Dedicated NAS

    Hi all! I have got some doubts about the Xtreamer Etrayz 4tb NAS. Will this work with any other media player? or do i have to buy the xtreamer only? .. do i have to run it with 2hdds or can i run it in only 1. Also, i have a 1tb external hdd.. can i connect this to the nas or i will...
  5. S

    Xtreamer remote -- Bangalore guys please help!

    Hi Guys, My Xtreamer's remote died recently and I am unable to even switch it on :( Just today I got my universal remote, and as you see I don't have a working xtreamer remote to teach URC. Can anyone please lend me the remote for 30 mins? Mine is xtreamer sidewinder, and I live in...
  6. rajudhs

    For Sale Xtreamer Wifi Dongle

    For Sale Xtreamer Wifi Dongle MRP: 1500 +Shipping (from Xtreamer india) Age: 3 Months Selling Price: 1000 + Shipping Reason for sale: Not using it much, so decided to sell. https://picasaweb.google.com/rajudhs/XtreamerWifiDongle?authuser=0&feat=directlink
  7. C

    Planning to purchase Xtreamer Prodigy...Any thoughts?

    While surfing here and avs, i found some views about Xtreamer Prodigy Announcement! I'm thinking to purchase it as they'll ship to india for 35 euros only. Total comes to 185 euros. Any thoughts, I should purchase this or something else ?
  8. B

    Xtreamer sidewinder remote not working

    Hi all, Please help me on getting a different brand URC (Universal Remote Control) for xtreamer sidewinder. bcoz my xtreamer remote gone bad and i tried to show it electronic shops but they were also unable to fix. In bangalore in hypercity i found oneforall (4-in-1) URC, but i donot...
  9. I

    Xtreamer Prodigy and SideWinder 2

    Hi All, The pricing for Xtreamer Prodigy (Euro 149) and SideWinder 2 (Euro 99) have been announced. Xtreamer Prodigy Announcement! Xtreamer SideWinder2 Announcement!
  10. B

    what is UPnP AV wrt Xtreamer?

    Hi all, please help me to understand... 1) what is UPnP AV wrt Xtreamer? :sad: 2) How can we use this..? :sad: thanks bhanu
  11. Spidey

    "COSTLY" and Scarce after-sales from Xtreamer India

    Hi folks I had the fortune or mis-fortune of buying a Xtreamer PRO from xtreamer India 30 days back. We buy from Xtr India as we are assured of after-sales service and warranty. Let me narrate my experience. The Xtreamer pro I recieved worked fine for intial few sittings then it started...
  12. gap g j

    Xtreamer 2010 model

    Hi The Latest model is available in eBay for Rs. 8,490/- inclusive of wi-fi antenna. Has any one ordered it and received the material. Is it truely 2010 model with no fan and HD audio pass through. Thanks Regards Gap G J...
  13. S

    HELP!! Double subtitles in ripped DVDs / Xtreamer

    Friends, I have some ripped DVDs in my HD and I use Xtreamer (v2.3.1) for playback. Every time it displays 2 subtitle tracks - one with smooth fonts, and other with ugly large fonts with black background over the first one. If I switch it off, both tracks are turned off. Whatever I tried I...
  14. K

    Cambridge 540R problem with xtreamer

    Hi, Just got my xtreamer yesterday. Firmware version 2.02 and connected to tv through hdmi directly connected to my AVR through optical cable. When I am playing a mkv file with a dts stream the avr is detecting the dts 3/2 stream but playing only 2 channel, just to elaborate the PLII/neo 6 mode...
  15. Raghav

    Xtreamer / WDTV Live / Popbox / AC Ryan Playon HD Mini

    I have been reading the online forums and the websites of the devices trying to garner information about the various new media playing devices. However, one tends to get lost in a sea of information and views. Number of questions are unanswered as many points confusing to someone new to this. I...