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yamaha 196

Luxman Amplifiers India
  1. N

    My AVR good for movies, Bad for music. Should I change my AVR or buy a stereo amp?

    Hello All, Right now I am satisfied with my AVR for movies. But it is not good for music. So which of the following options is a good move? 1. Sell this AVR and buy a new AVR that is good for both Movies and Music. 2. Use this AVR for movies, and buy a Norge (or any other brand) sterio...
  2. M

    5.1 @ 25k

    Actually I am looking for Yamaha 196 but not finding it anywhere :mad: if you guys can let me know where can I get it..ALso I am looking for bass better than Logitech z906. I know it's for desktop still I am having one already and if I dont find decent one I'll order another z906.. You can...
  3. A

    Combining active & passive subs

    Hi guys. This is my first post here and I am looking for some guidance. Couple of years back I purchased a Yamaha YHT 196 5.1 HT package. It came with the HTR- 2064 AV receiver and NS- P20 speaker package. Now I am looking to upgrade the speakers as the stock speakers were never very exiting. I...
  4. N

    Yamaha YHT-196 vS YHT-1810 - which to choose

    Hi, I am in the market for a new HT .I am got a quote from reliance digital for YHT 196 as 24000.Whereas YHT-1810 is being sold at 28000. I am confused as i am relatively new to this . Please provide some suggestions. Also are there any better options under 30K. Regards N
  5. R

    5.1 Home Theater Setup

    Hello, I am not technically much aware when it comes to the sound but I like to watch movies with better experience. My budget was 25K, did some research and purchased a 5.1 Yamaha YHT 196. I also did some more research on the setup but I still have some doubt. I want to have the viewing and...
  6. devilwearsprada

    Brand new Yamaha AV stops working!

    Hi. I have been following the forums for a long while and hence with the good reviews, went for a Yamaha YHT196 after I got the Onkyo3400 last year. Its been about two weeks and the set was working fine till the 13th when it suddenly stopped woking. The amplifier wasn't picking power and...
  7. N

    Setup for Yamaha YHT299/2910

    Hi I have recently purchased Yamaha YHT 2910. My TV is 42 Inch Panasonic THL42U30 with ARC feature with 3 HDMI Ports but does not have Optical Out. Im using Dish TV Tru HD STB with Optical out feature on STB I have connected the Dish TV STB top box to AVR and from AVR i have taken HDMI Out...
  8. S

    Help required for setting up my first home theatre !

    Hi guys ! I am from chennai. Till today, I was just a follower of this wonderful forum and followed quite a bit of discussions. Iam too very eager to set up a home theatre in my home and searched for some decent setups on the internet. I feel this forum will surely help me in setting up my HT...
  9. P

    Choose between Pioneer VSX-323 Yamaha YHT 196

    Hi friends, I looking for HT setup in budget(tried used AVR but dropped that idea). Found these two ones 1. YHT-196, 2. Pioneer VSX-323K (have to add speakers). This might not be good to compare AVR and HT, but comparison of both AVR seems good . I auditioned YHT 196 two times. The bass...
  10. A

    Yamaha YTH-196 Is it a good deal for 23k

    Hi planning to get a Yamaha-196. Do you guys feel its a good deal: Yamaha Home Theatre System 5.1 Channel YHT-196 1Yr Yamaha India Warranty Bill | eBay I donot have time to search for it in local stores :( . My second question would be to any yht-196 user: In case of playing mp3s ...