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yamaha 299

Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers
  1. T

    Looking for budget Home theatre in 30k

    I am looking for a budget HT under 30k. Use as below- 1. Normal watching (Sports + Serials on tv) - 65% 2. Movies - 35% 3. Music - Adhoc (but sound quality is a priority) - can be played through BT or TV channel. I read on this forum that Wharfedale Moviestar MS-100 are great but found no...
  2. A

    Wanted Yamaha Subwoofer 6.5inch powered

    I need Yamaha Powered subwoofer 6.5 inch (one that comes with yht 299/1810/2910). if anyone up for selling reply to this
  3. A

    Should i buy YHT-299 now ?

    I got a deal today for yht 299. for 30k from local store . should i go for it ?. my worry is that it may not get service after warranty period as it is a discounted product . what are your opinions. or should i go for 3067 ? what is the best price you got for 3067 ?
  4. H

    Buying a HTIB or building your own HT system?

    Hello Friends, First of I would like to thanks other FMs for taking their time and providing inputs and their expertise :clapping: I am Abhishek from Mumbai. I have been regularly following different threads for buying new HT and making notes for the same before posting my first thread...
  5. A

    Wanted Yht-299 / yht-2910

    Hi Am looking to purchase a Yamaha Home Theater YHT 299 or YHT 2910.. Anybody willing to sell, please PM me. Please note: Am in Kolkata, West Bengal and it is very difficult to have something brought in from the other state. So i prefer somebody who is in West Bengal and moreover in...
  6. R

    What systems are comparable to Yamaha Home Theatre - 299?

    Hello All, I am not conversant with Home Theatre technology but based on a demo I like YHT-2910. Would you please tell me systems that are comparable (in the same price range - Rs.38,000) to 2910? What are the pros and cons of these systems? I also see that the difference between...
  7. N

    Setup for Yamaha YHT299/2910

    Hi I have recently purchased Yamaha YHT 2910. My TV is 42 Inch Panasonic THL42U30 with ARC feature with 3 HDMI Ports but does not have Optical Out. Im using Dish TV Tru HD STB with Optical out feature on STB I have connected the Dish TV STB top box to AVR and from AVR i have taken HDMI Out...
  8. A

    My 1st HT system - Is Yamaha YST2910 the right choice?

    Hi. I am about to buy my first home theatre system. I first thought of buying a soundbar (Philips Fidelio 9100 Yamaha YAS103, YSP1400 were my choices). I wanted soundbars as I did not want the clutter of wires running around my home. However, when I auditioned the systems, I found the home...
  9. S

    Yamaha YHT 299 - Receiver not switching on

    Hi All, I bought this HTiB 4 months ago. The receiver refused to switch on yesterday, and it has been that way even now. The unit is connected to Belkin spike buster, along with the sub-woofer and Tata Sky HD set top box. The other equipment are working fine. There were no power fluctuations...
  10. L

    HT setup Protection against Power Fluctuation

    My setup: 1. sony 40 inch led tv 2. ps3 3. htpc with xbmc 4. yamaha yht 299 I live i Madipakkam, Chennai where there is erratic power supply(Sometimes I can literally hear our home ups switch between battery and main supply pretty fast - about 20 times in 10-15 seconds. There is also the...
  11. T

    Bought Yamaha 299 with samsung 40f6400 3d smart tv

    Hi friends, i recently bought yamaha 299 after doing a lot of research. i purchased it from reliance digital for 36000/-. i also bought samsung 40f6400 3d smart tv from grey market in 48500/- with 4 pair of glasses and two remotes. i want to inform fellow users that yamaha is not providing home...
  12. P

    Choose between Pioneer VSX-323 Yamaha YHT 196

    Hi friends, I looking for HT setup in budget(tried used AVR but dropped that idea). Found these two ones 1. YHT-196, 2. Pioneer VSX-323K (have to add speakers). This might not be good to compare AVR and HT, but comparison of both AVR seems good . I auditioned YHT 196 two times. The bass...
  13. a.kr.sriv

    Can I get YHT299 in Ranchi??

    Hi friends, Am planning of buying YHT299. If anyone knows about any dealers in Ranchi, Jharkhand or nearby, it will be very helpful.. Regards Srivastava
  14. S

    Yamaha YHT 299 vs Yamaha YHT 399UBL

    I have narrowed down my search for Yamaha HTiB but don't know which one to buy between 299 and 399 as rates are similar. Any suggestions are most welcome. I have 147 sq feet small room and usage is 60% movies and 40% music.