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yamaha 667

  1. Deloy88

    Denon vs Marantz vs Yamaha

    Hello everyone. Im looking forward to buying a new receiver, Im not much of an expert when it comes to receivers so I like to get some opinions on which direction I should go. My current setup is Yamaha RX-V667 Klipsch 4 B20 1 C10 2 S10 1 SW350 As for the AV Receivers that I am...
  2. A

    Paradigm Cinema CT 110 with Denon 1911, Onkyo 608 or Yamaha 667????

    Hey guys, Am planning to setup my HT in my living room (20ftx12ft) and i have decided on the following equips: 1. Paradigm CT 110 5.1 speakers (can one suggest anything better at the same price range??) 2. Denon 1911, Onkyo 608 or Yamaha 667 AVR's I am not keen on tower speakers as...