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yamaha a-s500

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. A

    Wharfedale Diamond 122 - my new acquisition.

    Hi friends, I recently got a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 122 for my Yamaha A-S500 from HiFimart. Since audition for me was not possible, I made a decision on the basis of FMs experience with Wharfedale+Yamaha combo. Discussion with Anil from HiFiMart, who calmly addressed my queries , further...
  2. amit11

    Tannoy Mercury V4i + Yamaha A-S500

    Hi Friends, After auditioning few speakers and amplifiers, I was thinking to go for the below combination of floor standing speakers and stereo amplifier 1. Tannoy Mercury V4i (Floor standing speakers) Note: This is the "i" model, and not the discontinued V4 (without i) 2. Yamaha...
  3. A

    Please help choose Sonodyne SIA 320 or Yamaha A-S500

    Hi, This is my first post on HFV, although I have been reading discussions for a while and gained a lot from them. First of all, my apologies for the longish post. Until now, I have been using an integrated amplifier of an indigenous brand (Birco, 65 W per channel) matched with a pair of...
  4. prepress

    Integrated Amplifier within 40-45K

    Hi, Looking for an INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER, and my requirements are: 1. Prefer if 100 watts or more (8 ohms) 2. Would prefer if Subwoofer out (like Yamaha A-S500, using it now so need different one) 3. Color Silver (but black is good if no choice) 4. Budget is 40K, maximum 45K 5. Use ...
  5. prepress

    Left/Right channel audio is not equal :mad:

    I am using Apple iPOD Classic 160GB (bought before 6 months) as a source with my Yamaha A-S500, using earphone output and flat eq settings, all music is mp3 320kbps/wave and all are ripped by me using Adobe Audition/Exact Audio Copy and Sony Sound Forge. FROM LAST FEW DAYS I was noticing that...
  6. prepress

    Cooling Fan for Amplifier

    Hi all, As summers are coming, I want to install (not inside) a small fan (I have a small external one) for amplifier. My Yamaha A-S500 amplifier is placed in AV Rack which covered from all 3 sides (not from front obviously), have a small space in the front only and I can use that for a small...
  7. prepress

    Matching Speakers with Yamaha A-S500

    Dear Friends, I am thinking to upgrade my speakers: Amplifier for speaker is : Yamaha A-S500 (RMS 85W pc @8ohms, 120W peak), Attached Yamaha YST-SW315 (250W Subwoofer) Budget : 30-35K Room space : 12' X 12' Music Genres, Preferred : Rock, Pop, 70's-80's (Stereo Songs by R.D., Bappi...
  8. prepress

    Suggest Integrated Amplifier

    Dear Friends, I am using Yamaha A-S500 now and want to upgrade it. My requirement are: Type : Integrated (use 90% Music) Color : Black Width : Standard 17.126" (435mm) Depth : 15.5" (maximum) Features : Subwoofer Out (Not much important: Pre Out, with remote) RMS Wattage : More than...
  9. prepress

    Need Help

    Need Help with my speakers Dear Friends, I am using custom made speaker pair with my YAMAHA A-S500 amp. Each speaker includes 10" woofer (135mm magnet) + 4" Tweeter + 2.5" Dome Twitter, also used crossover and added glass-wool inside. The bass and treble is very good, but still seems there is...
  10. I

    Yamaha A-S500 Amplifier Group Buy Offer

    Dear All, I am pleased to announce a group buy offer for Yamaha A-S500 Amplifier. Price: 20,500/- all inclusive with B&W Minimum Quantity: 5 Delivery Period: End-June, 2011 Mode of Payment: Cash & Carry, NEFT, RTGS, Cheque, (Card payment not available) Delivery Mode: Nothing...