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yamaha av recievers

  1. H

    Has anybody in the forum reviewed/auditioned Yamaha YHT 597

    Hi, has anybody in the forum reviewed/auditioned Yamaha YHT 597? I'm planning to buy this HTiB, your thoughts on this package......
  2. S

    5.1 av receiver + speaker option for Home Theatre

    I am looking at buying a 5.1 channel AV receiver + a 5.1 speaker system, to replace an old HTIB from Sony. Need to connect a HD set-top box, a DVD player, and other players to this receiver (the first 2 through HDMI). Budget between 40 and 50k. Have seen Yamaha HTR 3064 (connected to Jamo 5.1...
  3. saurabhpach

    Klipsch RF82 II Floorstanders

    Hi Has anybody got these klipsch speakers, I'm considering them to replace my jbl e90s as fronts for my home theatre ? How's the quality ? And how much did they cot ya ? Thanks in advance. Saurabh Hitach plasma 42, Yamaha Rx a1010 aventage receiver, pioneer sacd player, wdtv live...
  4. Balaaji

    Yamaha RXV 671

    Hi all, I placed in Chennai and i wanted to know the pricing and dealers for Yamaha RXV 671 a v receiver. Also plz give your feed back on this particular model...:p
  5. P

    Yamaha RX-A1010 vs Marantz SR6006?

    Hi Everyone, I needed a bit of help choosing between Yamaha RX-A1010 and Marantz SR6006. Would listen to music and watch movies in the ratio 50-50 (basically trying to get the best of both worlds :ohyeah: ). I wouldn't mind shelling out a little more if its worth the money. Looking at 7...
  6. saurabhpach

    Any users of Yamaha Avantage rx A-1010 ?

    I'm planning to replace my marantz sr5001 (which is now kaput). Any one who is using Yamaha Avantage Line if recievers please enlighten us? Hows the performance for movies and music ? Thanks in advance :yahoo:
  7. H

    Advice for Yamaha RX-V363

    Hi, This is my first post on this site. I am buying a new home theater set up for my house. I have auditioned few systems & have shortlisted the YAMAHA RX-V 363 (S$400) With YAMAHA NS-P440 Speaker(S$650) Please suggest 1) Any other brand in the above price range (Rs13000+20000)...
  8. S

    Yamaha dealer in delhi

    Hi can any one tell me who sells Yamaha recievers in Delhi or NCR. I would like to buy Yamaha HTR 6190 AV receiver; what price should I expect to pay.