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yamaha av recievers

  1. H

    Has anybody in the forum reviewed/auditioned Yamaha YHT 597

    Hi, has anybody in the forum reviewed/auditioned Yamaha YHT 597? I'm planning to buy this HTiB, your thoughts on this package......
  2. S

    5.1 av receiver + speaker option for Home Theatre

    I am looking at buying a 5.1 channel AV receiver + a 5.1 speaker system, to replace an old HTIB from Sony. Need to connect a HD set-top box, a DVD player, and other players to this receiver (the first 2 through HDMI). Budget between 40 and 50k. Have seen Yamaha HTR 3064 (connected to Jamo 5.1...
  3. S

    Klipsch RF82 II Floorstanders

    Hi Has anybody got these klipsch speakers, I'm considering them to replace my jbl e90s as fronts for my home theatre ? How's the quality ? And how much did they cot ya ? Thanks in advance. Saurabh Hitach plasma 42, Yamaha Rx a1010 aventage receiver, pioneer sacd player, wdtv live...
  4. Balaaji

    Yamaha RXV 671

    Hi all, I placed in Chennai and i wanted to know the pricing and dealers for Yamaha RXV 671 a v receiver. Also plz give your feed back on this particular model...:p
  5. P

    Yamaha RX-A1010 vs Marantz SR6006?

    Hi Everyone, I needed a bit of help choosing between Yamaha RX-A1010 and Marantz SR6006. Would listen to music and watch movies in the ratio 50-50 (basically trying to get the best of both worlds :ohyeah: ). I wouldn't mind shelling out a little more if its worth the money. Looking at 7...
  6. S

    Any users of Yamaha Avantage rx A-1010 ?

    I'm planning to replace my marantz sr5001 (which is now kaput). Any one who is using Yamaha Avantage Line if recievers please enlighten us? Hows the performance for movies and music ? Thanks in advance :yahoo:
  7. H

    Advice for Yamaha RX-V363

    Hi, This is my first post on this site. I am buying a new home theater set up for my house. I have auditioned few systems & have shortlisted the YAMAHA RX-V 363 (S$400) With YAMAHA NS-P440 Speaker(S$650) Please suggest 1) Any other brand in the above price range (Rs13000+20000)...
  8. S

    Yamaha dealer in delhi

    Hi can any one tell me who sells Yamaha recievers in Delhi or NCR. I would like to buy Yamaha HTR 6190 AV receiver; what price should I expect to pay.