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  1. T

    Looking for budget Home theatre in 30k

    I am looking for a budget HT under 30k. Use as below- 1. Normal watching (Sports + Serials on tv) - 65% 2. Movies - 35% 3. Music - Adhoc (but sound quality is a priority) - can be played through BT or TV channel. I read on this forum that Wharfedale Moviestar MS-100 are great but found no...
  2. S

    Marantz nr1508 vs Yamaha rxv485

    This is a duplicate post. Had posted in another forum but then saw this one and thought it would be more appropriate here... Sorry a new member so please be gentle :) As the title says am torn between the two. Which one should i buy? The marantz is about 6k cheaper than the yamaha. But it has...
  3. S

    For Sale Yamaha Soundbar YAS-107

    Hi, The soundbar is bought by me brand new and is used very rarely as we are travelling a lot. Now we are relocating so this is up for sale I do not see any signs of usage and it works the same as day 1 ! There is Original box, Remote and cables that came along. Prefer local pickup (Manish...
  4. O

    Electrical Socket Option for Imported Yamaha Receiver with 10amps Rating

    Hi , i have bought a Yamaha AV receiver from USA which came with 10amp / 110v rating mentioned in the Power Cable. I have got a Step Down Transformer (16amps)already. So should i change the Wiring and Socket to 16amp to make it complete (only 6amp socket available in hall ) ? TIA
  5. Akshit2111

    For Sale For Sale--Yamaha WXC50

    Guys, 2 months old preamp cum streamer cum dac Sparingly used. Reason for sale-- i bought this to use it with a power amplifier as a preamp as my AVR did not have pre outs. Now i have upgraded my AVR and also have sold my power amp. This equipment is of not much use to me. Tidal spotify...
  6. S

    HDMI ARC and CEC conflict with Set Top Box

    I am facing issue with HDMI control in Yamaha receiver where ARC and CEC won't work with my set top box. I searched and found, most set top box in India are not tuned with standard CEC and when AVR tries to control the set top box it fails resulting confilict with TV's ARC and CEC. When I remove...
  7. H

    For Sale Ultra Rare Yamaha B3 V-FET Power Amplifier

    The last V-fet amplifier from Yamaha after B1 and B2. I got this amp from my friend who was returned from Japan after his IT project.This is an exceptional power amplifier and this model was limited sales only in Japan.This is 100v version I am using with step down transformer. Condition:-...
  8. tusharshukla1991

    Beginner to this world of Great Music-Trying to setup first AVR and sound system

    Hello Everyone! I was playing to get a 5.1 and was looking into various sites and found Sony(E3200), Logitech(z906) and Swans(m20) with quite good reviews and under my range (around 30k). Then I came to this site and got engulfed in this world of Sound systems which I never heard of. After...
  9. G

    Digital optical to usb cble

    I am using Yamaha CD changer with usb type 2 input and RCA output. This cd player has a good quality DAC. It does not have an optical input. I want to connect google Chromecast audio's digital optical output to Yamaha's USB input. Anyone can give solution for this?
  10. M

    Best speaker to buy

    guys i am thinking to buy yamaha nsp51 speaker set. and use it as my front and center setup. any suggestion accepted. my budget is 15k.
  11. sloke123

    Floor Standing Speakers under 25k

    Hi, I am from Kolkata. I have a Yamaha RX-V481, along with yamaha ns-p20 speakers set. I prefer listening music than movies. I generally listen Folk Rock and Instrumental. So mid and high is very important. So can you guys suggest me a decent floor standing speakers under 25k...
  12. D

    Yamaha A-S2000 experience

    Hi there, I don't think I have ever posted on this forum, a recent bitter experience however made me want to share my experience and hopefully prevent others from making the same mistake I made. Back in 2012 i decided to buy my self a good high end setup purely for music. Since Yamaha was the...
  13. C

    What volume (dB) is safe for action movies ???

    Hello all, My setup is Yamaha RXV681 + Taga Tav606 Se. And a 12"sub. Room size is 10x12. I am just wondering how much volume is safe and enjoyable for action movies? (Safe in the sense, for the amp and speakers) I usually go up to -20dB. (This is where I feel comfortable) And rarely up to...
  14. C

    My avr is 120v, but my transformer is 110v. Kindly suggest a solution ...

    Hello All, i bought Yamaha Rxv 681 from Us. That is 120V. But unfortunately I bought a 110V maxine stepdown transformer. Will this combo work at all? Is it dangerous to use 120v avr with 110v transformer?? Should I return my 110V transformer and buy a 120V one? I searched online and found...
  15. C

    Getting Yamaha RX-V681BL from us. Can you help me with an advise please....

    Hello All, im getting Yamaha RX-V681BL avr from Us. Can you suggest a step down transformer please? I have gone through some threads here, and people are usually buying Guru or MAXIM 1.5kva. Is that sufficient for this Avr? Kindly advise..... Is it really required to go for isolation type...
  16. N

    please help me to buy a 7.2 AVR in US. I added my choice

    Hello All, Please help me buy a 7.2 AVR in US under $600. My requirement is 5.2.2 Dolby atmos & Lossless music play with usb. 60% movies and 40% music I found Denon AVR-X3300W is the only one with 7.2 preouts under $600 Is it a good pick...
  17. S

    Vanakkam Friends

    Have received lot of insights in this forum. Thanks you Hifivision team. Currently having Denon X3400H paired with Yamaha NS8390, Focal Center SIBXL, Focal SIB Rear and Onkyo Atmos SKH410.
  18. V

    Looking for an AVR with HDMI

    Looking for an AVR, preferably Yamaha / Denon in a good condition with HDMI and 4K pass through. ARC would be a plus. Setting up a HT at home so 5.1 or 7.1 would be fine. Location : Bangalore
  19. A

    For Sale Yamaha NS P20 speakers and NS SW20 Active Sub

    Hi FM's Am selling perfectly working Yamaha NS P20 Speakers and Active Sub. Got these as part of YHT 2910 package which I bought in October 2016. Details as follows: Ownership: Am the first owner. Location: Kolkata Working Condition: 10/10. Product used for about 6 months only. Rest...
  20. A

    Upgrading My Home Theater Setup. Suggestions Please..!

    Hello All About a year back I had purchased HTiB Yamaha YHT-2910. Loved the sound output then but now am craving for more and hence decided on upgrading my current setup. I would keep the Yamaha AVR 3067 (I Think which come with the package) and the active subwoofer that came along. I am...