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Luxman Amplifiers India
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    Should I add a headphone amp? Or external dac? Or better player to improve music qual

    Hello all, im using YHT196+yamaha floorstanders. Its great for movies, and just ok for music. Is there any trick to improve music quality from my set up? I generally play music from my mobile or laptop with foober or vlc player. Should I add an external dac? Or... Is it possible to add...
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    Wanted ONE UNIT Yamaha NS-B20 Satellite Speaker

    Hi all, One of my Satellite speakers for my home theatre system YHT 196 is not working and would like to buy a new pair. I'm not sure where its available in Bangalore. I would like to buy ONE or if not possible, a Pair of NS-B20 speakers. -Ashwin
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    Yamaha NS-B20 Not working

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a YHT-196 home theatre system for my home. I discovered yesterday that ONE of the 4 satellite speakers (NS-B20) is not working and there is no sound coming out of it. I have confirmed that the cable works and the port works (other speakers, cables). Is...
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    Need advise on buying new home theatre

    I had been using a 2010 Sony HT model DAV-DZ290K for long. Now it turned out that while Movie DVD playing experience had been great on this system, it does not sound as great with Tata Sky HD, as it accepts only 2 CH input returning back from the TV. Setting the DEC mode to "Dolby Pro Logic II"...
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    Adding Active Sub to Yamaha YHT 196

    I am a proud owner of Yamaha YHT196. My main usage is for movies and happy with this setup. only problem is bass and music listening. What will be the changes if I add Boston Acoustics SoundWare XS 2.1 to this. (11.5K) Other option is FS - Sonodyne Sonus 2504 OR Boston Acoustics CS 226 (cost...
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    Yth-196 or Yth299 or JBL BD300

    Hi, Visited yamaha shop and was suitably impressed with the YHT196 for my requirements. However would be agreeable to spending the extra $$$ if either yht299 or JBL Cinema BD300 are worth the same. YHT299 has powered subwoofer JBL BD300 has wifi/dlna which would be handy. Appreciate...
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    Not getting 5.1 output

    Not getting 5.1 output My setup - Panasonic LCD 32C30D - 3 HDMI and ARC, no digital audio out. Can play video files (avi,mkv etc.) yamaha yht 196 Philips DVD Player - composite video, 5.1 channel out and coaxial digital out. Connections HDMI (ARC) between TV and yamaha AVR coaxial...