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Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker
  1. A

    YouTube 5.1 audio

    Hi, is there a way of enabling 5.1 audio on YouTube on a HTPC? If they video supports upto 1080p and even 4k, there must be a way to output 5.1.
  2. K

    DIY Chrome Cast Audio Streamer with YouTube Support

    Hi, I wanted to share a simple but Interesting project I am working on. A way to stream (Cast) Music from YouTube and Spotify and NAS on to my audio system without having a Smart TV or HT. My audio setup is in a different place from my Smart TV so I could not hook the Audio out from that to my...
  3. aeroash

    Best Live Performances on YouTube

    For the benefit of all forum members, list out all the best Concerts, with good audio and video quality from YouTube. Concerts can be in any Genre, or language. Cheers!
  4. K

    YDL Plugin for DIY Rasa Player

    Hi All, I have added a long requested feature to DIY RASA player, to play and cache Youtube Audio. It uses the youtube-dl plugin which is not included in the firmware and will be downloaded when you first share a Youtube Link or playlist to the Rasa Remote Control app. The plugin also...
  5. S

    Youtube and Universal are remastering old classics

    This, I feel is a good move in the right direction from YouTube to restore the classics. I hope they do something to improve their 192kbps audio stream. https://youtube.googleblog.com/2019/06/youtube-music-and-universal-music-group.html
  6. haisaikat

    Youtube Review Channel for HFV

    Hi Everyone, for some time i have been thinking of this idea, thought its time to socialize and get feedbacks. We have lot of reviews being posted here on HFV including of new AV gears and also we have threads to showcase our setup. But AV gears and setups cannot be just measured in some stills...
  7. cha_indian

    Did YouTube replace your source? How many still use CDs or high quality MP3 ?

    When I started into the Hifi world, the cost of internet was very high and bandwidth was also very less. I think in 2009 - 2010, the internet speed I had was 256kbps....Now it is increased to 50Mbps. This change has made the ubiquitous Youtube the default choice for listening to music...whatz...
  8. J

    Asus o play air hdp r3 - Need help with firmware upgrade

    I'm new around here. Hoping to learn from all you folks!:yahoo: asus o play air hdp r3 is my media player. I have been happily using it for the last two years or so. I saw some threads here which said you can do youtube, iptv, browse, torrent support and other cool things with the...
  9. C

    Can YouTube Videos's Sound Codec converted to AC3 5.1?

    Can YouTube Videos's Sound Codec (mp3 I think) converted to true AC3 5.1?
  10. Santy

    What is wrong with Youtube?

    These days I find youtube quite frustrating to use. I have these problems: They don't buffer properly. Sometimes it just stops buffering and never budges. It could happen right in the beginning. It may not work even after refreshing the page. If I push it a little backwards, it 'may' start...
  11. haisaikat

    Fast and Furious 6 - Releasing this month !!!! Awesome visuals and sound

    Check the trailer should be another Blu-Ray video and audio treat for Home Theater owners http://www.youtube.com/embed/WlcFICF9VI0
  12. E

    Bought 55 inch sony HX750, Now need Help in using it

    how to watch 3d [side by side] video downloaded to pc to this TV. I connected HDMI and pressed 3d button and SBS option. Both videos are too far side by side. so cant watch them by putting 3d glass on. As TV has youtube and it handles 3d video from there well. Same video when played on pc...