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zu audio

Wharfedale Speakers
  1. subhobh

    Zu audio is finally here in Delhi with 'Bass N Treble'

    Yes! Zu audio (USA Made Hi-Fi Loudspeakers, Audio Cables, Phono Cartridges, Headphones | Zu Audio) is finally here in Delhi with 'Bass N Treble' (Bass N Treble). I am still not sure about the speaker model details but the owner Denny just informed me. I am soon vising them for an exclusive...
  2. J

    Marantz KI Pearl Lite Integrated Amplifier

    Dear all, Has any one auditioned Marantz KI PeRl Lite integrated stereo amp? Its power rating is same as 7004. However it ues better toroidal transformer and has a phono input. Is pearl lite better than 7004? Since Marantz is a bright amp, I need a war speaker to pair with them right? I...