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For Sale Audeze LCD 2.2

Marantz offers at HiFiMART.com
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Jun 18, 2013
Up for sale are a pair of lovingly maintained headphones. These are the Caribbean Rosewood non-fazor version w/ lambskin earpads. Last version to be released w/ angled connectors before fazor came out. Come with a ruggid case sold separately by Audeze. I am the 2nd owner. The earlier owner purchased them abroad, tried & didn't like the sound signature. I had received them practically brand new a year & a half back. The headphones are mint. No sign of usage/wear. No scratches or peelings or dents. Would rate them 8/10 conservatively. I don't get time for headphones so letting them go. A total of not more than 80 hours have been spent on them. I'm powering them with Cavalli Audio EHHA Rev. A hybrid amp which is a perfect match for the current hungry 2.2s. Better than a Schiit Lyr 2. I'm in 2 minds about letting the EHHA go. It's fantastic with my HD600 & doubles as a preamp. But i can consider a combo deal if you can't source something suitable/within budget.

Differences between fazor vs non-fazor are worth considering since they have totally different sound signatures. Fazor is neutral. Non-fazor is warm. Fazor has extended upper end that sounds grainy at times. It lacks of the deep & extended bass that was responsible for putting them in the limelight. With fazors, bass rolls off early. Imaging & clarity is better though. The non-fazors have a lush natural tone. Voices & instruments are spooky-real. Soundstage extends outside the earcups. With fazors, you'll find staging between the earcups. A lot of headfiers have retained their old 2.2s. That 'magic' factor is gone with fazors. Fazors are more of a sidegrade. Both are different beasts of equal value. Just like Sennheiser HD600 (neutral) vs HD650 (warm). Audeze probably moved from an organic/3D sounding headphone towards a studio-friendly headphone as an answer to the HD800s.

The mini XLRs on the stock cable have been replaced professionally with high quality ones. Found the older moulded connectors cheap hence. Looks & feels better now :)

Current price of the Rosewood version on Headphone Zone (Official Audeze India dealer) is 79900K. The impact-proof travel case costs $125 extra. It's not available locally. Expected price is 55K + shipping @ actuals


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