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For Sale Audio-Gd Fun (ver.2) DAC / Headphone Amp/ Preamp Combo

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier


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Aug 2, 2010
My long time companion, it has been with me for almost seven and half year. Wolfson WM8741 based DAC, DIR9001 receiver, USB was upgraded to assync USB32 module 3 years ago. It's volume pot was also replaced recently with original ALPS blue velvet as the old one was having static noise.

Sound Signature is smooth buttery and warm. Real close to analog sound signature of Philips R2R dac chips. If you are annoyed with your current setup for being ear bleeding and harsh then this DAC is for you, it's silky smooth and easy going sound is suitable for long sessions.

As DAC/headphone amp combo, Sennheiser HD600 is matched very well. High gain & low gain function is there to match with various headphones.

Preamp functionality: It have preamp output functionality and preamp (analogue) input as well. So you can use it directly with a Power AMP. See the back panel picture.

Caution: If your system is dull, then please stay away. Revealing speaker or headphone or system is required for this baby.

Item: Audio-Gd Fun (ver.2) DAC / Headphone Amp Combo

Purchase Date: 29th Sept, 2010

Ownership History: Single and original Owner

Sampling Support: Up to 24 bit 96 KHz with all inputs

Weight: 5kgs

Working Condition: 100%

Cosmetic Condition: 8/10

Please Visit this link for more details: http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/FUN/FUNEN.htm

With upgraded USB module and Volume Pot replacement it cost me total Rs.27k till now.

Asking Price: Rs.14,500 including Shipping.

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Aug 2, 2010
Here is 83 pages of reviews by hundreds of user on Head-fi. It was phenomenal on that time at least 2 or 3 times it's price range ---


If you know and believe John Darko, here is his impression....

"Neutral but smoothness sounding ,it doesn't sound skeletal or digital (or metallic). There's meat aplenty on them bones . It's a sigma-delta DAC chip implementation without the dryness, neutrality without the emotional disconnection" - John Darko

You will be touched by emotional portrait of your favorite tracks.

Little information update: The Audio-gd Fun unit here on sale is Version -A which was $50 costlier than Version-B. So you are getting the top end model at this price. Don't worry about it's age, it is in 100% working condition. It's USB also equipped with Galvanic Isolation (The updated USB Module was imported and installed later as I described on original post), it do not take power from USB source but only DATA.