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For Sale Audio Zone DAC -1

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Aug 16, 2010
Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR, India
Offering my Audio Zone DAC -1 (Audio Zone DAC-1) with an EMU-0404M internal PCI soundcard for sale!!!

About the DAC:
This unit is the Premium model made on a pine wood block (no casing). Its a non oversampling DAC based upon Philips 1541 chips built by DIY genius Mr. Peter Daniel from Canada. If you visit diyaudio, he'd be known very well there. It is limited to 16 bit/48kHz as a result. However this DAC has no Digital or Analog input or output filters. This gives a stunningly clean midrange with no artifacts. The sound is very smooth and as close to analog as possible. NOS DACs have a fan following all over the world and for good reason.

This is a fully maxed out version of the PD DAC. You'd ask why you should pay more than the DIY kit version which retails for $300. Here's why!
This is fully assembled with very good fit and finish
  • The DIY kit only comes with two critical caps as Black Gates. This one comes with all Black Gate and Black Gate NX caps everywhere. Only two tiny caps at the input stage are Sanyo OS-CON.
  • The DIY kit comes with a passive resistor ladder of Rikens. This one has super high end 1% tolerance Caddocks. These resistors themselves are almost 5$ each.
  • AFAIK, the DIY kit's output stage is completely passive. This one has an active line driver at the output and it outputs a proper 2V.
Do not fall for the looks of this DAC. There's a reason why it sits on wood - the designer of the DAC feels that's the best it sounds on. I can safely say this will beat any digital source within 50k in tonal purity, liquid mid range and smoothness.

Some reviews and related links:

About the Soundcard:
You can get an idea by looking at the details below:
The original price of the Dac was 35k @ARN System, Bangalore and the current selling price of EMU- 0404 sound card is approx $100. If I club them both, it should go slightly above 40k in total, whereas I am offering both at 50% of the cost, which is 20k!! Isnt a good deal:eek:hyeah:??

Some mandate bullet points:

  • Asking Price: 20k and no low ballers please:)!!
  • Ownership history: 2nd owner
  • Condition: Cosmetics: 7.5/10, functionally: 10/10
  • Reason for Sale: Shifting to USB Dac to use with laptop and Mac
  • Original box available: No
  • Age: Approx 2.5 yrs (with me since Sep12)
  • Shipping anywhere in India: Possible. However, local pickup is always first preference!

Feel free to contact me over PM if you have any question and I would try to answer soonest possible.


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