Authorized service centre for Yamaha receivers.


Feb 29, 2008
Hi folks,
I've been looking for a service centre for my yamaha reciever which needs repair/servicing as it does not pwer on at all.
It would be very nice of you guys to share contact info of any Yamaha service centre or any service centre for that matter that you think would be able to repair the receiver.
I'm preferably looking for it in and around delhi.

hi rajat
i also have a yamaha amp....just give a call at this no 09815326334...he is/was the dealer of yamaha amps for so many years...and provides good after sales service in chandigarh for them..he is a nice chap..he will surely help u out..
The chandigarh guy doesnt pick up the phone.
Does anyone else know about a yamaha service center in delhi or any other qualified repair/service center for yamaha receivers?
Hi Dear Rajat,
In Delhi, authorised service center for Yamaha is:
E-3, SOUTH EXTN-II, N.Delhi-110049
Phone: 2625 7736 & 2625 2669

I also have a Yamaha AV Rx-V461, bought in April 08 (from the shop mentioned above). It was working absolutely fine even during summer when lot of overheating happens then it never turned-off itself. But surprisingly, 3 days back, in this cold weather, without much heating, after playing continuously for 1 hour, it suddenly turned-off by itself. There was no burning smell or spark or anything unusual which could be observed (I am myself an Electronics Engineer and can sense such symptoms easily). Even after leaving it off and unplugged for several hours, 3days, it is not turning on. As per its manual, for any reason if protection circuit is activated then system should be unplugged for 30 secs and then it can be used normally. But this has not happened. I was happy to assume that there must be a fuse behind which would have blown, but shockingly there is none.

As it is still under warranty (1 year warranty period is not yet over), I am planning to take it to this shop for repair & not trying to open & see myself.

I think your problem is similar. Has it been repaired? What had gone wrong in your system? I am very curious to know.

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