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For Sale Broadband absorbers ( set of 5 ) Room correction

Luxman Amplifiers India
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Dec 6, 2008
Broadband absorbers

Set of 5 broadband absorbers


Large one and the ones with maple wood border - Unused ( pristine )

Smaller ones without wood border


1 nos
38 inch by 29 inch

4 nos
12 inch by 24 inch

All are 3 inch thick
Made used high density recron , wool fibre and and porous sound absorbing backing topped with acoustic covering ( grey / black )

P.S these are NOT just pieces of sponge and foam which do NOTHING but look like absorbers

Suggested use
Large one on the front or rear wall

Smaller ones vertically on the side walls
1st and 2nd reflection points

Smaller ones horizontally
One below the other
One first reflection point on either side wall

All absorbers set for broadband absorption upto 80 Hz

Total 5 PC's set
Rs 9000
Pickup from my office in Mumbai as is
( No packing )

If shipping is needed
Shipping will be extra
( And no I won't include it in the cost )
Shipping will require crating and will be calculated on volumetric basis as far as I know )

You can arrange shipping and find out the cost at your end by your selected courier

Shipping size one can expect a single parcel of
52 inch by 32 inch by 10 inch
Weight probably 30 kgs if crated

Crating will cost RS 1000
So please take that cost into account and add to the shipping quote that you get from your selected courier

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Dec 6, 2008
More pics
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