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For Sale Cables from my cupboard - analogue RCA and spdif

Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers


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Dec 6, 2008
Following cables are for sale

Item 1
Zeus analogue interconnect
Soundfoundations (my) top end IC
Connectors amphenol ( red and black)
1.5 m pair
Price : rs 3250

Item 2
Klotz analogue / phono interconnect
Eutectic link japan connectors
1.5 m pair
(However please note this interconnect was terminated in mumbai professionally but one of the connectors has lost a screw and soldering was done using 3 red RCAs and 1 blue one- Instaed of two red and two blue- ineffect having a wrong color code at one end )
However the missing screw or incorrect color has absolutely no effect on functioning of cable - both mistakes can easily be covered using color coded shrink which I can do once cable is spoken for )

Price : rs 1850

Item 3:
Klotz spdif 75 ohm cable
1.5 m
Price : 950 rs

All above items were used in my studio setup
However I have now moved to simpler chain with NO Dac and no preamp
Hence I have no use of the above 3 items

The spdif cable was excellent in its detail retrieval and absolutely faithful to the signal
One of my recommended cables for most spdif users

The Zeus has been my mainstay
Between by Dac and preamp
However my Dac is now gone
And so is the use for one of my favorite analogue RCA cables
Details of this cable can be googled

All cables are approximately a year old

Offer on first come first serve
Pm or email or Whatsapp or sms only

Thank you guys for looking

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Dec 6, 2008
all cables have been provisionally spoken for
will update here if any buyer opts out or in unable to complete the transfer in stipulated time frame