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For Sale Cadence Arista Speakers for sale

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
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Dec 10, 2011
Vashi Navi Mumbai
Up for sale are my Cadence Arista Speakers. I bought them 3 years ago from a fellow forum member. He got a refurbished pair directly from Cadence. He only used them for a few weeks. He sold them to me because he wanted to upgrade. These speakers go very well with a tube amp. Expressive mids, highs just right, bass well rounded. In short very musical and absolutely non fatiguing. I use them with a Synthesis Nimis LE tube amp and they match very well. I have used them with a pair of Nuprime STA 9 power amps and Oppo Sonica dac as pre and even adding digital in the chain doesn't affect the signature.
Cost price 95000/
Asking price 75000/. New are quoted at 1.85L
Condition Functional 10/10. Cosmetic 8/10.
Reason for sale Upgrade
Accessories power cord, screwdriver for fitting ESL panels manual
Shipping: would prefer not to ship due to weight.
Auditions welcome with prior appointment image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
The above is a review of Cadence Avita, younger sibling of Arista.

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