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For Sale Cleanup - Various Accessories

Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker


New Member
Apr 4, 2008
Cleanup time!
I have various accessories up for sale. Some of them have been with me for a while that I cant tell you the age but the condition is as mentioned below. If I know that an item hasn't been used, I will mention it. Most items haven't seen much use - perhaps in the ARN showroom (unless otherwise mentioned). Some of the items were kept for projects that never materialized.

Prices are marked down for quick sale. Shipping from Bangalore, pickup even better. Add Rs 150 for shipping.

Vampire OEM Speaker Binding Posts (Image 11)
Set for 4 channels (2 stereo sets). NEW. 1 stereo set new was about 3500/- priced to sell now at 1500/-
Buy both sets - Rs 2900/-

Wattgate 320I IEC power plug Rs 1500 NEW (Image 10)
priced to sell at 1000/-

FoQ (Japanese company specialising in vibration control) RS-33 record stabilizer NEW (Image 9)
Read more about it here playStereo Audio Shop | "fo.Q" Record Stabilizer RS-33 Turntable Clamp

New 15000/-
Your price 8000/-

Oyaide R-1 Wall outlet - top line wall outlet for AC power from Oyaide. US plug style. NEW (Image 8)
New - Rs 12000/-
Your price 7500/-

Spatial Audio Quantum cables ICs (1m pair) - (model before the current one)
Demo pair but used only a handful of times (Image 7)
New price - Rs 21000
Your price - Rs 12000

Audio Art IC-3 XLR cables (used in a demo setup a few times) 5ft pair
XLR connectors are the top line Furutechs that Audio Art uses (Image 6)
New Price Rs 11000
Your price Rs 6000

Gronenberg Quatro Cable 5 ft un-terminated NEW (Image 5 & 4)
New Price 10000
Your Price 5000/-
cable is great for internal wiring or IC. You can even make very good speaker jumper cables
End of Post 1

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New Member
Apr 4, 2008
FoQ and Vampire Binding Posts - sold
wattgate male plug - sold
3ft Groneberg with wattgate IEC - sold

the rest of the items are still available