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For Sale Contrast AS-3 Speakers - Great condition

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Apr 4, 2008
Up for sale are a pair of Black Piano Contrast Audio AS-3 speakers. These speakers retail for US$2000 in the US. He has used them for about 1.5 years and has recently moved to a larger house and room and upgraded to a large speaker. These speakers are functionally flawless and are in overall great condition. The base of the speaker has smudges where there were placed on stands.
They are also unique in that they are designed for low powered amps including tube amps. They are an easy load and relatively flat impedance. Read Sid Vootlas review for more details

The asking price is 80K with stands, almost 50% of the new US price. The stands are sand fillable and fit these speakers very well. They were bought in France many years ago. Pickup is in Bangalore, shipping if required will be on actuals.

You can read more about the speakers here


I am putting this AD here for traded-in speakers of a friend of mine.


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Aug 23, 2010
Quoting a message from the supposed owner of this item Soundbuff

The Contrast Audio speakers posted here by Odyssey, belong to me and I was not a Forum Member at that time and had requested Odyessy to put them on sale on my behalf.

In order to make the sale more attractive the price of these speakers is being been reduced to Rs. 55/-thousand. The speakers are capable of working with as low as 3 watts and sound best with anything about 15-20 watts or more. Speakers with 16 ohm load and 93 db sensitivity are very hard to get in a book shelf. I have reduced the price significantly as they are simply lying with me and it would be better if they are put to use by an audiophile with a entry level tube amp or medium power SS. BTW I have also run them with a 100 watt amp also, no problem.

Anyone interested can PM me. For Bangalore members Audition at the his residence is no problem, just have to fix a convenient time. For serious buyer a home audition could be arranged. Fully boxed, shipping elsewhere would also not be a problem, however I am reluctant to send it to another city for auditioning.
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