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For Sale Diaposon emera (italy) bookshelf speakers

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier


Jul 6, 2011
Hi folks, I am selling a pair of Emera Speakers made in Italy by Diapason.

The speakers are in perfect working condition and sound great!

The only flaw is that one speaker got knocked against the door frame at home when I was moving it. It was a hard hit and the edge on top corner got compressed slightly (you can see it in the photo). The cabinet is still as solid and the bruise is not noticeable as it is in the back.

The Emera is all about offering you a sound that comes as close as possible to the initial recording conditions, for lifelikeness is by far one very sought-after attribute of speakers worldwide. The elliptical shape of the cabinet ensures the efficient breaking of standing waves, thus dramatically improving the quality of the sound while the sculpted, multi-facet front baffle ensures optimal sound dispersion from the driver array with no diffraction. Even more, the cabinet's bottom is slant and sports an adjustable spike for being able to correctly time-align the bass and tweeter.

Dimensions (LxWxH) - 200 x 290 x 365 mm
Mass 5.3 kg
Casing - Wood
Color - Walnut
Impedance 8 Ohms
Sensitivity - 89dB
Frequency range - 45-20000Hz

Emera is elegantly realised in one piece of plywood shaped into a semi-ellipse by bending it under steam. The external finish is in an exquisitely polished natural walnut veneer. The front baffle, however, in true Diapason tradition, is in solid walnut of over 3 cm thickness. The black metallic grills that protect the drivers - complete with anti resonance treatment and rubber packing - are also common to all the models. These grills are kept in place by torx screws.

The Emera, is supported on stands by two small rubber points placed under the front portion along with a spike at the rear. The speaker cables are connected by way of a single pair of very high quality 24k gold plated binding posts. They accept banana plugs as well as large cross-section stripped cable.

The drivers used work according to the by now familiar Diapason technology: the bass driver is a 170mm polymethylpentene-coned unit operating in Diapason Direct Drive, while the tweeter is a 20mm diameter kapton isodynamic design crossed over at 4800Hz using a single capacito. Internal wiring is done - as in all Diapason's production - with top class Van den Hul CS cable. The Emera has a rear-firing port. The efficiency of the speakers is stated as 89dB/w/m. The nominal impedance is 8 Ohms.

Their ease and fluidity of emission are evident from the start, especially in portraying acoustic ensembles - at least those that are not too harmonically or dynamically complex. The top end is never biting or sharp, but smooth and lustrous. The midrange is exemplary, clean, correct and substantial, which makes the rendering of voices really enjoyable - they attain a sculpted dimension, carved and defined in space. The rendition of microdetails in the musical trace is optimal without being "radiographic", while the grain of the reproduced image is fine and homogeneous enough.

Another improvement (even if very slight and notably in the localisation of instruments) was obtained by removing the speaker grills. It is advisable - indeed necessary - for them to be toed inwards towards the listener's head; twenty degrees would be enough.

Something that makes this product truly attractive, is its ability to create a wide sweet-spot that does not require a micrometric and rigid listening position, but allows a latitude of nearly a metre from the listening point without too much loss of coherence in the beam. Dynamics are totally satisfactory and do not suffer from compression at high volume. However, the power handling was very good.

I have repeatedly listened to my reference discs and from every test the same general feeling emerged: optimal voicing in these speakers for acoustic music, excellent in the reproduction of voices whether male or female, slightly stressed by orchestras playing fortissimo and with high impact energy music.

Local pickup welcome
Can courier to any destination in India at buyers cost
Asking Rs.40,000
Thanks for stopping by!

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