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For Sale DIY cabinet/amplifier side panels - MAGMA's closet cleanup

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series


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Dec 6, 2008
Hi guys
Was cleaning out my closet

I Found these

a diyer could probably use

They were made by me in my diy days
There are basically polished maple wood pieces 18mm thick
4inch by 10 inch in size

To be used as the side panels of a diy cabinet

So basically it gives you a 4inch internal height and 10 inch internal depth

The holes are to install d nuts
Which allow you to screw on the top bottom front and back columns

The holes were for m8 inserts
But I think I m5 d nuts are probably more suited to cabinet building
To use m5
You will have to drill and install those instaed

I have 8 of these
So enough for 4 cabinets

So 4 diyers can make use

I will offer them foc

Shipping - buyer pays though
Probably 200-250 RS

D nuts I am not supplying
But you can easily buy them from markets
Probably for rs20 per pc ( 16 PC's I think are needed for 1 cabinet )

Please buy only if you plan on using so that a diyer can use them

Can pm.me
Or my soundfoundations contact on my webpage

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