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For Sale DIY MLTL Speakers

Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker


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Nov 6, 2011
On sale are my three years old DIY MLTL ( Mass Loaded Transmission Line ) Speakers made as per Bob Brines design. The speakers use 8 Fostex 225 WK Full Range Speakers gently Rolling over to Fostex FT17H Super Tweeter. The Speakers play from 38 Hz to 25 KHz. The Enclosures are constructed of MDF clad with high quality Zebrano veneer and finished with high quality PU Polish. The construction process is catalogued at


My system consists of Lyrita Tube Preamp and Lyrita GM70 Tube Amplifier being fed through Marantz CDP 6004 or Rega Record Player or a digital signal through a computer. The Speakers under this environment excel at Jazz, Vocals, Classical Music and that other than Metal and Heavy Metal. Tube Amp and these high efficiency Speakers are a perfect match to produce lifelike soulful music.

I am reluctant to part with these but then I must make room for my long in making, about to be completed Super V open Baffle Speakers. I would evaluate the condition of these Speakers as 9/10. One of the Fostex Drivers has a dent on the Dust Cap but does not affect its performance in any way. My preference is to offer these in Bangalore where I am located, for obvious reasons. I am expecting a price of Rs, 60,000/- for the pair. If anyone is interested in auditioning them, it can be arranged. Pl. send me a PM.


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