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For Sale For sale - Hdmi switcher with PIP Function

Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport


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Oct 5, 2017
For Sale -
1).Zidoo Media player Z9s
Sold and dispatched - Product delivered to FM

Unused .just checked the functionality before posting in HFV.
*Supports Atmos
*Supports 4K HDR,3D iso
*Supports 8tb Hard disk ( not yet checked with 10TB )
*Can be used as headless media player ( Audio application)with help of Android App.
*Backlit remote
*Supports almost all latest file. video and Audio formats including 4k( mkv) 80+GB single file from usb port. if any specific formats have to be checked ping me.
Paid 12k plus customs ( imported ) put together I spent 15k
Expected 13k plus shipping.
This is one box solution for playing movies from usb Hard drive.
This is one of the must own media player if you are into HT.
Complete packing and accessories included .
Product link attached below
Zidoo Z9s

2).Sony digital photo frame.
Sold and dispatched - Product delivered to FM

Model number mentioned in the box.
Can be used as digital clock ,Calender,Photo frame.
Memory card , Remote ,power adapter included.
Reason for sale - Lying unused.

Expected price Rs1900 including shipping.

3).Hdmi switcher ( PIP function )

Still Available for sale

HDMI 4X1 QUAD multiviewer.
4 HDMI INPUT TO 1 HDMI OUT with multiple format selection
Expected price Rs 3500 including shipping.
product link attached.Converter ,power adapter and remote included ( No hdmi cable included in this sale )
Hdmi multiviewer
This is not only adding hdmi input functionality it has functionality with live video with 4 inputs in single screen.
For more info pls check the link attached above.

4).Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver (CRDC Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter Receiver CSR8675 Aptx HD Adapter Optical Toslink/3.5mm AUX/SPDIF for Car TV Headphones )

Sold and dispatched - Product delivered to FM

Unused. Expected price 1500 including shipping
Product link attached below.
Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver with optical


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