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For Sale Genelec 2.1 8040b pair and 7060b subwoofer



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Oct 27, 2016
2 studio monitors 8040b.. active speakers.
2 and 1/2 years warranty left.
Condition- as good as new. ( Cosmetic 10/10), (functionality 10/10)
2 and half years old.
Bi-amplified 2 way active speakers.
Frequency response -3 db 45hz, -3 db 21khz.[ +/-2 db 48 to 20khz]
Got dip switches (behind) for tuning to ones preferences.( Treble tilt and bass tilt settings)

treble tilt- just flip one switch and the speakers are ready for Crystal clear audio for movies.
Flip another switch and the speakers are ready for non fatiguing music sessions.

Bass roll off and bass tilt on speakers make them placement friendly.

1 subwoofer 7060b - bought demo piece.
Cosmetic condition 7/10
Functionally 10/10
No warranty.
10 inch driver with a class A/B 120w amp.
frequency response 19hz to 85hz (+/-3db)
Max spl 108db
Check website for detail specs.
Has in built bass management.
Speaker input and output with crossover at 85hz.
Has phase, bass roll-off, bass tilt settings etc.

Selling along with cables for 2.9 lakhs.( Cables costed more than 10k) 4 xlr to xlr , 1 RCA to xlr and 1 aux to xlr stereo.

Both speakers and subwoofer have led indicator which turns red when played an volumes beyond its capacity. And the output reduces preventing the speakers from getting damaged. So no worries of damage even if misused by others.
Btw I rarely saw the red light coz they play very loud in my 17 by 14 by 11 room.
Subwoofer is more than sufficient for up to 3000 cubic feet .
Will sell as a complete setup.

Reason for sale: want to buy qsc Cinema speakers.

Original packaging available.

Shipping at buyers risk and cost. For an idea Hyderabad to Mumbai shipping might cost around 5k ( blue dart surface).

Will make video of the speakers playing for buyer , so that he can buy with confidence.

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Jul 6, 2012
These are indeed good speakers and really deliver the stated frequencies......built to last for a good number of years.....expensive...yes...but that's the price for high end stuff...those looking for a decent stereo setup with sub should get a nice PRE (to connect multiple sources) to hook these babies up and you are sorted.....


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Oct 27, 2016
These can be paired with any type ( warm/bright/ neural) of preamp, thanks to its dip switches which help change the sound signature making these sound according to your taste.
You get a different speaker every time u change the settings.


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