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For Sale GoldenEar Triton 3 speakers

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Jun 2, 2009
Up for sale are my GoldenEar Triton 3 speakers. Just over three months old.

I had picked them up at a very good price from the distributor clearance sale in June (had posted about it here: https://www.hifivision.com/threads/goldenear-nuforce-clearance.70570/). Taking about a 35% haircut on my landed cost and pricing them at Rs50k. This price is firm, for anything below this I would rather use them as home theater speakers. Local sale in Bangalore only as shipping was a reasonably large portion of the cost. I have the original boxes.

The speakers have warranty till early december. Since they were bought in clearance, they only carried 6 months of warranty.
The speakers have an active bass section. The amplifier in one of the speakers had developed a fault and was replaced under warranty. Been working at a 100% since.

The speakers have a ribbon tweeter, a separate midrange and an active bass section. They also have passive radiators to support the bass. The bass level can be set at the back panel so tuning them to a room is possible. However, they do need some room on the sides and back. I've tried them with a range of amps. They worked best with a low powered Pass AmpCamp class A amp (5w, low damping factor) along with a lyrita tube preamp. This pairing suggests that they would work well with tubes but this is not something I've personally tried. They also did well with Naim. Not recommended to partner with bright amps in my view.

Reason for sale is upgrading to PMC speakers. The GoldenEars were an impulse purchase and never quite suited my listening style. They sound excellent when you sit in the sweet spot but fall off quite a bit if you are in a different part of the room.

The speakers will be available for demo in the current setup till Sunday afternoon (will set up the new speakers Sunday evening). Post that will be set up in a sub optimal spot and hooked up to an AV receiver.




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