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For Sale Great Offer - ANY VINYL FOR @ FLAT 1000/-

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Nov 15, 2013
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ANY VINYL FOR @ FLAT 1000/- - No Courier Charges

Another Great chance to lay your hands on this offer of anything u choose from the list below u get it at 1000/- Flat. No additional courier charges within India.

Getting these Vinyls at a throwaway price of 1000/- each considering the condition they are in.............am sure Vinyl listners will value the offer.

Have a look at the list below:-

1. Balidaan – Mint Unplayed – 1000/-
2. Ramu Toh Diwana Hai – Mint Unplayed – 1000/-
3. Khuddar (with Gatefold Cover) – Near Mint 23794777_10155078070433148_1251893961984861012_n.jpg - 1000/-
4. Wanted – Near Mint – 1000/-
5. Don – Near Mint – 1000/-
6. Qurbaani – Mint Unplayed – 1000/-
7. Locket – Mint Unplayed – 1000/-
8. Nastik (with Gatefold Cover) – Near Mint – 1000/-
9. Man Pasand (with Gatefold Cover) – Near Mint – 1000/-
10. Suraag (with Gatefold Cover) – Near Mint – 1000/--
11. Himmatwala – Mint Unplayed – 1000/-
12. Maawali – Near Mint – 1000/-
13. Jaadugar - Mint - 1000/-
14. Hoshiyar - Mint - 1000/-
15. Lalach - Near Mint - 1000/-
16. Sharaabi - Mint - 1000/-
17. Hum Rahe Na Hum - Mint - 1000/-
18. Sahebzaade - Near Mint - 1000/-
19. Desh Preme - Near Mint - 1000/-
20. Prem Rog - Near Mint - 1000/-
21. Ek Duje Ke Liye - Near Mint - 1000/-
22. Katilon Ke Kaatil (Gatefold Cover) - Near Mint - 1000/-
23. Janwar - Mint - 1000/-
24. Yudh - Mint - 1000/-
25. Qaidi - Near Mint - 1000/-

Terms & Conditions

• You need to buy Minimum 3 LPs from the above list to avail this price.
• If one buys minimum 5 LPs in 1 shot he is eligible for an extra 15% Discount on the Total Billing.
• If one buys minimum 10LPs and above in 1 shot he is eligible for an extra 25% Discount on the Total Billing.
• Records can be Booked / Blocked only after payment is received.
• Shipping will be done within 72 hours from payment receipt except weekends.
• No Extra Courier Charges.


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Nov 15, 2013
As requested by fellow FM here r the pictures of the QURB P_20171229_201758_1.jpg ANI Vinyl which is Mint Unplayed.


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Nov 15, 2013
As requested image of Mint LP of Sharaabi P_20171229_202419_1.jpg


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