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SOLD High end Linksys Router WRT1900ac with Extender RE6500 (AirPlay)

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Aug 30, 2007

Photos attached below with HFV requirements, am a long time member of this wonderful site.

Up for sale is my current daily use router, the WRT1900ac. This is an older but still currently-on-sale Router, with amazing features for video or audio streaming.
Only worth buying if you need the ability for multiple device media streaming, have a high speed ISP, and are comfortable with Router Configuration,
though the GUI or the setup wizard does help to make it easier.

Linksys WRT1900AC WiFi Router with WRT400ANT high gain Antennas
Age & Ownership History: First owner, bought at Fry's Electronics, USA, in 2016. No bill available, no warranty.
Condition: See pics, good working condition, used every day since 2017, does everything the reviews say: Top10 Review or TechSpot 2019 review
Accessories: No original packaging, includes 4 high performance stock antenna, Power Adapter & Cable, Cat 6 LAN Cable, User Manual pdf file only.
Reason For Sale: The inevitable itch to upgrade (WiFi 6).

Description: Specs can be viewed at Linksys Website or reviews above. It was originally launched in 2014, and maybe 2017 in India,
and has been rated in the best WiFi Routers frequently. It is still recommended for its NAS performance and high speed.
This is a top notch WiFi Router, with external design echoing the venerable WRT54G, but technology of modern day Routers.
It has WiFi AC, up to 4 times faster than 11n, with simultaneous dual band speed up to 600 Mbps (2.4 GHz) + 1300 Mbps (5 GHz).
Note that to get the highest speeds, the wireless clients need WiFi AC too, but most modern PC's or phones now support AC.
Handles Media intensive applications like a champ, so its easy to have multiple devices streaming movies or music at the same time,
limited only by your ISP. You can easily stream 3 different videos at a time from a high speed Internet Connection, or from HDD attached to USB3.
If you have this, you do not need a NAS (see TechHive Review), as it supports ultra fast transfer speeds over USB3 or eSATA.
Includes configurable client prioritization, Parental Control, Guest Networks, supports OpenWRT open source firmware for more features.

This unit is also fitted with the Linksys WRT004ANT High Gain Antennas, seen in the pics, which were an additional $85, and provide an additional gain
of 4 dBi on 2.4 GHz, and a whopping 7 dBi on 5 GHz, for massive WiFi coverage. The original stock antenna are also available.
4 Gigabit LAN Ports, USB3 port, combo USB2+eSata port, remote network monitoring when away from home.
It features a Professional Grade Dual Band CPU, Beamforming Technology, built in VLAN capability, fast NAS capability and many wireless modes,
all controlled by a powerful and easy GUI. Built in firewall, port forwarding, DMZ, DDNS support, removable antennas, you name it.
This is a big (please check size before you buy), heavy and expensive Router available at an incredible value. See Staples.
Updated with latest OEM firmware, I will reset to factory condition and provide the manual on a USB drive.

Price: Rs. 5500 with stock antenna, or Rs. 6400 with 4 high gain antenna + 4 stock antenna.

Linksys RE6500 WiFi Range Extender
Age & Ownership History: First owner, bought along with WRT above. No bill available, no warranty.
Condition: Like new, never really used it, only tested. Once I set up the WRT1900, with the long range antennas, that was enough to cover my house.
Accessories: No original packaging, includes Power Adapter & Cable, User Manual pdf file only.
Reason For Sale: Not being used.

Description: Specs at Linksys RE6500, review at TweakTown
Its an AC1200 dual band range extender, which means you can get high speed video or audio streaming in any dead zone in a large house or office.
A unique feature is that it supports Apple AirPlay via an audio port at the back for streaming music, along with 4 Gigabit LAN ports.
One of the two bands can also be configured for the wireless back haul. When paired with the WRT1900, can cover a huge area, or multiple floors.
Updated with latest OEM firmware, I will reset to factory condition and provide the manual on a USB drive.

Price: Rs. 2800

Free Inclusions: Linksys Cisco Wireless ADSL2 Gateways WAG160N and WAG120N - see pics below. These are Modem + Router in one unit, suitable only for ADSL Internet Connections. I was using them for Airtel ADSL Broadband, as they are much better than stock Airtel modems, but they can also be used as simple wireless N bridges or repeaters, I guess. Performance is unknown in those uses, as I never tried, and they are old. But hey - they're free.

Payment & Shipping for all items above:
Payment: Online transfer to my Bank Account, before shipping.
Shipping: After current lockdown ends, so around 20 April. Pune pickup or Shipping to other cities also possible at your cost and responsibility.
I will thoroughly clean them, and pack them well, but transit insurance may be a good idea.

PM me any queries, please be realistic with prices (all prices are less than 30 - 40% of what I paid and these are current products), and check the product specs.
Only if both items are bought together, a 10% further reduction is possible.

Thanks for looking, and stay well,

Linksys Router.jpg

Linksys Router 2.jpg
Linksys Repeater.jpgLinksys Repeater 2.jpgLinksys Gateway 3.jpgLinksys Gateway 4.jpg

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