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For Sale Hindi Lps for sale

Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 & 11.2 Speakers
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Jul 15, 2012
mumbai, India.
The following Lps are available for sale. All Lps are in excellent playing condition. Some outer covers are slightly wornout but overall in good condition. The list is below.

A - Bhappi Lahiri Collection:-

1 Awwal Numbar
2 Baadal
3 Dharm Adhikari
4 Ghar ka chiraag
5 Himmat Aur Mehanat 6 Love in goa
7 Jeene - ki Arzoo
8 Karwat
9 Main Balwaan
10 Meri Adalat
11 Mawaali
12 Majaal
13 Suhaagan
14 Main Balwaan
Total 14 lps. Price @ 300/- per lp plus shipping. Rs 3500/- for entire set of 14 lps.

B:- Ravindra jain collection.
1 Pati patni aur woh
2 Daasi
3 marte dam tak
4 Ladke Baap se Badke
5 Lallu Ram
Total 5 lps. Expected price Rs 1500/- including shipping.

C:- USHA KHANA collection.
1 Be-khabar
2 Paisa yeh Paisa
3 Preeti
Total 3 lps. Expected price Rs 850/- including shipping.

D:- ANNU Malik collection.
1 Aasmaan
2 Bhabhi
3 Aakhri adaalat
4 Insaniyat ke Dushman 5 Jaan ki Baazi
6 Jeete Hain shaan Se
7 Karam daata
8 mera Lahoo
9 love marriage
10 mera Haque
11 Phaansi ke Baad
12 Taaqat War
13 Ustaad

Total 13 lps. Expected price Rs 3000/- including shipping.

E:- Kalyanji Anandji collection. 1 Ye Rishta na Tootay
2 C. I. D
3 Raaj Tilak
4 Pighalta Aasman
5 Kalyug Ki Ramayan

Total 5 lps. Expected price Rs 1500/- including shipping.

F:- Rajesh Roshan collection.
1. Jaisi karni waisi bharni
2 Jaag Utha Insan
3 Nishaan
4 Johny I Love you
5 Kaash
6 Kubzaa
Total 6 lps. Expected price Rs 1600/- including shipping.

G:- Laxmikant pyarelal collection.
1 Azaad Desh ke Gulam
2 Akalmand
3 Aag aur shola
4 Ashajyoti
5 Agnee
6 Bekaraar
7 Charanon ki Saugandh
8 Dosti Dushmani
9 Dost Baribonka
10 Dekha Pyar Tumhara
11 Fiffty Fiffty
12 Ghar Ek mandir
13 Jeeo aur jeene do
14 jeene nahi Doonga
15 Khatron ke khiladi
16 Khilaaf
17 Mera Faisla
18 Mohabbat ki aag
19 Mera Jawaab
20 Mehandi Rang Layegi
21 Maang bharo Sajana
22 Nishana
23 Pyaasa sawan
24 Prem Deewane
25 Pyar mohabat
26 Sansar
27 Sur Sangam
28 Swarag Se Sunder
29 Sarfarosh
30 Sherdil
31 Raaste pyar ke
32 Teri meherbaniyan
33 Teesri Ankh
34 Yeh Ishq Nahin Aasaan
35 Zakhmi Sher

Total 35 lps. Price @300/- per lp. Minimum 10 lps. Plus shipping.
Rs 9k for entire set of 34 lps including shipping.

H:- Mix music lps.
1 Pyar ho Gaya
2 Taraana
3 Deewana tere Naam ka 4 Kabhie Ajnabi the 5 Sadqa kamli wale ka 6 Mileage kabhi
7 Ghar mein Ram Gali mein shyam 8 Desh ke Dushman
9 Taqdeer ka Tamasha 10 Sone ki Zanjeer
11 Chaar Maharathi
Total 11 Lps. Expected price Rs 2800/- including shipping.


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Jul 15, 2012
mumbai, India.
Some more pics!!


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Nov 13, 2017
Hi Shafic.
from Group G:
1. Agnee
2. Ashajyoti
3. Maang bharo Sajana
4. Mehandi Rang Layegi
5. Mera Jawaab
6. Prem Deewane
7. Pyasa sawan
8. Raaste pyar ke
9. Sarfarosh
10. Yeh Ishq Nahin Aasaan
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