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SOLD Hiraga Le Monstre 8 watt Class A Power Amplifier

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Jan 4, 2012
New Bombay
Up for sale is Hiraga LeMonstre 8 watt output @ 8ohm per channel Class A amplifier.

This amplifier is a DIY amplifier which was initiated by our own OMishra and Sachu888 in a group buy in year around 2016.

This amplifier is assembled by me and in addition to the standard version given in group buy I have added speaker protection circuits and additional electrolytic capacitors in the power supply to improve its performance.

I have used this amplifier for around 2 & 1/2 years without any problems. Sound fantastic, natural warm and fast with ample class characteristics.

The amplifier cabinet feet are of white plastic (buffer) which are found in the electrical & hardware store, this has been placed as temporary ones and can be replaced by good ones of your choice.

The coating on aluminium top plate and the back plate has gone and the aluminium colour can be seen, this is no defect and does not hamper the performance of the amplifier.

This was used in my living room and now due to the TV dominating the room am finding it difficult to use, hence selling it.

The asking price is Rs. 22,000/-

Preferably a local pickup (I am based in Navi Mumbai) as the amp is very heavy and will be difficult to shipping.
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