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For Sale JVC Flagship HA-DX1000

AV Cables
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Mar 9, 2010
Moving to bookshelf speakers set up ,so selling these lovely cans. Since these have been discontinued for some time now, I think it would be difficult to find a pair in such good condition.
These are hands down the best closed-back cans for under $1,500 .Bass on this headphone is the strong point and personally I believe that it rivals the Audeze LCD2 Bass. Very potent, very clear and oh so satisfying. It has that deep rumble with light to moderate kick factor. It is more relaxed than punchy, which is rare to hear in bass heavy headphones. The Low end is also lightly colored and leaning away from being analytical or natural. It has some color, but just enough to keep things fun and very Hi-Fi at the same time. Mids and Vocals are stellar despite not being so clear in comparison to the newer generation of Orthos. They are very forward, very immersing and well placed. They are large and spacious with excellent depth and control when it comes to vocals. Shockingly so at times as there are many instances during some of my favorite tracks that take my breath away. Highs are smooth and a bit lack luster, they are a little bright and lack fluidity. Meaning they have a tendency to provide a relaxing upper regions experience but at the cost of responsiveness. Accurate is not a term I would use to describe the upper region of the DX-1000. They sound phenomenal, they design is second to none, and it really is even a beautiful piece to showcase in your office or other area. They have a similar design to the Sony R10, which runs above $4K .. My asking price is 25k including shipping.
All offers welcomed.
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