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For Sale Lampizator Level-3 Tube DAC.


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Mar 23, 2009
I am putting my beloved Lampizator Level-3 DAC for sale.
Everything about this DAC is huge which might come in the way a few times. It is huge in size, has a huge and smooth bass, huge soundstage.

My DAC Journey so far is Musical Fidelity M1(A) -> ODAC -> Schiit . Gungnir -> Lampizator -> NorthStar.
It has replaced a gungnir (non multibit) in my setup and did it with style improving every aspect of sound. The music appeals to the heart rather than head so to say. If you are analysing kind, these wont float your boat. If you are looking for thick, fleshedout midrange coupled with big weighty bass and soundstage, you are looking at your next DAC.

Reason for sale: As you can see below in pictures, it takes only one coaxial input and outputs RCA. I have since moved away from both these connectivity options in favor of toslink and XLR connections to connect to active speakers. Hence it is mostly unused as of now.
The Northstar DAC I have right now serves as a digital interfacing hub. I have connected 1 streamer via coaxial, chromecast audio and TV via 2 toslink input outputting via XLR to active speakers. Lampizator cannot be used in this fashion at all.

Please weigh your options too before purchase. You might end up in my situation where you have a sublime sounding DAC and still you cannot settle due to inability to interface seamlessly with other components in your setup.

If you have a dedicated room and need a single purpose DAC to drive floorstanders, its hard to beat this DAC at twice or thrice the price. I had such a setup but my prioreties changed, hence the sale.

If you need a digital interfacing hub, look elsewhere.

Price: 70k.

If you are in hyderabad, you are welcome to try it at your place and pick it up if you like.
If you are elsewhere, Please wait. I am scared to ship this giant with a tube heart at the moment.