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For Sale Lp and ep sets.

Luxman Amplifiers India


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Apr 28, 2010
indore specifically opposite my denon wharfedale (
Set 1.-
1 abdullah ( includes bheega badan jalne laga n maine poochha chand se )
2 himalay ki god me
3 majboor
4 coolie ( generic cover)
5 hathi mere sathi
6 ghazab
7 mili (includes badi sooni sooni hai n aaye tum yaad mujhe)
8 bazar (includes dikhai diye yun and badi sooni sooni hai)
9 jek sapera ek lutera
10 andaz
11 babul
12 uran khatola
13 chaudhavii ka chand ( generic cover )
14 khel khel me -2 EPs includes sapna mera toot gya khullam khulla pyar karenge ek mai aur ek tu n hamne tumko dekha. 1 ep is missing cover.
1 bheegi palkein
2roop tera mastana (dil ki baaten dil hi jaane)
3 zakhmee
4 sasural
5 woh 7 din (generic cover )
6 sharara.

Set no. 2
1 jeene ki raah
2 farz (jitendra)
3 gharonda (super7 33.3rpm includes ek akela is shahar me tumhe ho na ho n others)
4 sajan bina suhagan
5 bheegi palkein
6 aah
7 shri 420
8 naya daur ( generic cover)
9 hum dono
10 Sanjh aur savera ( generic/substitute cover)
11 teen devian
12 goonj uthi shehnai
13 purab aur pashchim
14 jai santoshi maa
15 chhoti behan
16 teesri manzil ( missing back of cover. Includes o mere sona re aaja aaja mai hun pyar tera deewana mujhsa nahi n tumne mujhe dekha. )
17 humjoli
18 Anarkali
19 ishq par zor nahi.(generic cover)
20 andaz

Each set is 3k. Will include shipping in india by regular mail.

Buyer of any set can choose from following titles @200 each ep along with either sets
1 Anarkali
2 nai umar ki nai fasal
3 haqeeqat (substitute cover)
4 dastak
5 adalat
6 mahal ( Lp also available just in case)
7 meera (gulzars.. pt ravishankar s music. Set of 2 EPs @300)
8. Dhool ka phool
9 mai sundar hun.
10 mai nashe me hun
11 bobby
12 phagun
13 aas ka panchi
14 shyam tere kitne naam
15 geet
16 aan.
Whole set could be had for 3k incl shipping.

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