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For Sale marantz RC101 learning remote for sale

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Dec 30, 2012
  • Bought it from abroad
  • Its with me since Jan 2014
  • I never used or tried to configure
  • Took it from an AV store directly in a clearance sale
  • Reason for Sale- I had two Marantz receivers without remote at that time and took these for controlling those, Later I switched to stereo amps and sold those receivers. Now I have one receiver with standard remote for movie playing. I have three pieces of the same model and let one to find a new home
  • Price 2000/- INR

FEATURES (Copied from User Manual)
Integrated Control of 12 Devices via multi room control of Marantz AV Receiver
You can control up to 12 types of devices with Marantz AV receiver in your theater room used multi room control of Marantz AV receiver from another area. Wide Range of Preset Codes This remote controller is provided with remote controlsignals for Marantz products and DVD/TV/CD/DSS
equipment by major manufacturers. You can enable the remote control operation of your AV equipment by simply selecting the manufacturer
code corresponding to your equipment. In the factory default setting, the remote controller is preset for signals for multi room control of Marantz
AV Receiver and Marantz AV equipment products. Learning Function
If you have an infrared-based remote controller, you can use a simple operation to enable this remote controller to learn its codes. This remote controller uses non-volatile memory so that the learned codes are retained even if the batteries are removed. Lighting Function This remote controller features the backlight buttons so that it can be used in a darkened location such as a home theater. Cloning Function This remote controller features a cloning system. This enables you to clone the programmed information from one RC101 to another, by simply pushing a series of buttons. You can select whether to copy all programmed information or copy the information for each source.

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