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For Sale Philips Fidelio X2

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series


Apr 27, 2017
New Delhi
Description: It's one of the best open back dynamic headphones; with a deeper (and still musical bass presence) unlike most open-back headphones in this price category . hi-res (5hx - 40khz), 50mm dynamic driver. Extremely comfortable velour earmuffs. Please see reviews on-line...it is easily one of the highest rated mid-fi (below $400/$500) category headphones. This is my detailed product review of the cans in the Amazon US website which you can take as my user experience with these headphones:

Please also see the expert reviews at hifi review sites whathifi.com, innerfidelity.com, soundvisionreview.com, headfonia.com and also tech sites like cnet and techradar and also headfi community reviews. You are unlikely to find any other headphones which are so universally lauded and where almost no one has given a bad review.

It is 32 Ohms so possible to drive with mobiles. However, I find that it responds very well to amping and better source. From iphone the sound output is loud enough but in some android phones the amplifier may not do justice to the dynamics of the cans (like my old LG g4).

I am selling it (along along with some others I have sold in recent past) as I am consolidating funds for a truly end-game product like focal clear/ audeze LCD series.

Ownership history: Bought in April 2017 from Amazon US. It was in the Used-Like new category
Age: Purchased April 2017, So only about an year old.
Warranty: Probably over.
condition: the item works perfectly and sounds incredible. The drivers and electronics have no issues and sing beautifully. The velour muffs have no damage. Cosmetically however, please note that the leather covering the metal support of the headband has come off in many places and has been re-glued. It is likely to come off again [see second pic. I was finding it difficult to click a pic of the inside of the band like keeping the required information (as per forum rules) in the same frame - so msg me if you want closeups of the inside of the band where the leather is coming off]. This has ofcourse no impact whatsoever in performance or even comfort - since your head rests on the suspended elastic/cloth band and not on the metal support. It also does not impact longevity as the leather is only for aesthetics - it is the metal band that provides the structure. However, unfortunately for me, it does impact the looks/sale price and therefore the price is kept low accordingly. Other than that, there are couple of minor (barely noticeable) scuffing on the metal edges surrounding the grills. If your emphasis is at audiophile quality price at a very low price - this is an unbeatable bargain. Recall that the MRP of the product is $400 (27k) (https://www.philips.com.au/c-p/X2_00/fidelio-fidelio-headphones/overview) and the sale price in Amazon is currently $329 (22k).
Accessories: No original box (discarded for customs reason). The headphones comes with a small booklet and a extra long braided cable and both are there. No storage/carry case is provided with the headphones. I have bought an extra large carbon fiber pattern storage case perfect for this headphones (which are very large) which I can provide at a nominal extra price
Expected Price: 8,000 (price is kept very low on account of the cosmetic issues pointed out above)

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Oct 10, 2009
Could u send some close up pictures of Philips.
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