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For Sale Polk Audio TSx440T and Cambridge audio SR10 stereo amplifier

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Deleted member 38504

Both were bought in Chennai when i was living there from Cressida AVZone.

Currently i am in mumbai.

Only local buyers please.

Condition of the speakers: 10/10

Condition of Amplifier: 9/10 because the volume control knob on the amp sometimes does not work,meaning you have to turn it gently for it to decrease or increase. However the remote works 10/10 which is supplied with the amp.

Reason for sale: Want to buy Dali Zensor 3 or Elac 6 bookshelves and want to try out maybe a Marantz Melody receiver.

I am a pilot by profession. The speakers and the amp is less than two years old.

Please make an offer. I have politely refused an offer for 15000 for the speakers.

I will sell for anything in the range of 22000 for the speakers and 9000 for the amplifier.

No scratches or broken joints or grills etc on the amp or the speakers. In very decent condition.

Request you to send me a pm,i will reply back as soon as i can as I fly almost everyday.

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Deleted member 38504

Just back from flight,replying to all PMs ,thank you.

Deleted member 38504

Thank you guys ,lots of queries for speakers and amp.

I would prefer to sell the speakers and amp as a set.

Price for speakers 20k and amp 8k.

Deleted member 38504

The amp is now reserved for a forum member who will come on monday and pick her up.

Speakers are still up for sale.

Thank you.

Deleted member 38504

Amp sold to a forum member who came over to my home and picked up the amp.

Great buyer. Thank you.

Deleted member 38504

Speaker's on hold for a fm, by evening thread will be closed thank you.

Deleted member 38504

Sold to fm, please close the thread thanks.


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May 14, 2007
Kindly close the thread yourself. Please see thread tools at the top.
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