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For Sale RANE MA6S 6-channel amplifier with step down transformer

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Jan 13, 2008
Listing RANE 6-channel high power amplifier bridgeable to 3-channel for even higher power requirement.
Being a 110 volt model, I am including a 220/110 volt investor.

it is a beast of an amp with phoenix (Europlug) type connectors for both inputs and speaker outputs.
It uses a toroidal transformer in the power section with separate board for each channel.
It is a completely balanced design and will take in the 3-prong XLR connection. I will provide all the adapter needed to connect XLR cables.
Those with RCA output on their preamp need to use a RCA to XLR cable.

External cosmetic condition is 7/10 but the internal is 9/10.

There is one issue though in 6-channel mode. There is pop up noise from speakers only when switching off.
But otherwise no issues while switching on or while playing music with it.
The pop up problem is not there in 3-channel bridged mode, at it works without any issues, and can be used as a 2.1 amplifier for someone wanting to power a passive subwoofer with stereo speakers from a single amplifier.
One volume knob is missing, but can easily be adjusted with a flat bed screwdriver.
The amp has gain pots for individual channels for matching with any preamp, irrespective of its output voltage.
It also has two warning LEDs per channel to enable in matching to the preamp output level so that you do not end up in over driving the speakers.

Power rating
100 watt RMS per channel at 8 ohms in 6-channel mode
150 watt RMS per channel at 4 ohms in 6-channel mode
300 watt RMS per channel at 8 ohms in 3-channel mode

For detailed specs, download the PDF files from the link below
Rane MA-6S

It weighs close to 30kgs along with the voltage converter, so shipping will be a bit costly.

The expected price along with the converter and all adapters is Rs. 12000 exclusive of shipping.

I will post an internal picture of the amp later in the night.

rane 1.jpg

rane 2.jpg

rane 3.jpg

rane 4.jpg

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