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For Sale *** SOLD ***Denon's flagship stereo amplifier PMA-2000IVR in excellent condition - Made in JAPAN

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Mar 23, 2007

This is one of Denon's best ever offerings in their stereo-only history. This Integrated Amplifier inherits the design philosophy of high-end audio S1 series, and technology. The Denon PMA-2000IVR teams up high-end circuitry, massive "guts," and ultra-sturdy construction for spectacular results.

Don't let the 80 watts @ 8 ohms rating fool you...because it doubles to a very stout 160 watts @ 4 ohms, a true sign of a well-designed and built
amplifier. The sound is very smooth and warm in the mids, with accurate, clear highs that never fatigue. Bass is tight and detailed.

Technicals details in depth .....
It’s an interesting and powerful amplifier which was designed and manufactured with great attention to detail. All built to be easy to access and service, with Nichicon and ELNA capacitors, heavy-duty screw terminals for power and amplified output, and gold (5%) or better resistors.

A large current type magnification element UHC MOS called peak current 120A is adopted as an output stage. Current supply capacity has been improved a bipolar transistor and more than equivalent, and UHC MOS is the prevention which also unites and has a sound quality merit of MOS FET, carried this UHC MOS with single push pull composition, and has canceled the variation in magnification operation.

The twin transformer parallel connection which improves sharply the characteristic of each magnetic circuit and winding wire circuit developed by monophonic power amplifier POA-S1 is adopted. Moreover, by considering influence of magnetic etc. as L canceled mutually and C mount, the leakage flux of the power transformer which is a noise source in amplifier was reduced, and high current supply capability and low-noise-ization are realized.

The large-sized rectification diode excellent in large current supply capacity and the Hearst recovery diode which has improved working speed sharply are connected to a rectifier circuit in parallel, and a high speed and large current are supported so that better operation can be obtained. Furthermore, it carries in the power source capacitor in which a direct-current power source is stored combining the film capacitor with which a mass high-quality sound electrolytic capacitor differs from a frequency response, and current supply stabilized in all the zones of play frequency is enabled.

In order to cancel degradation of the sound quality by the mutual intervention between circuits, or inflow of a noise, the power amplifier block was considered as the twin monophonic composition which achieved L/R independence, and also 6 block structures which also separated the circuit where other signal levels differ are adopted. This eliminated the influence on the sound quality by the interference during each block, and the more excellent play is realized. Moreover, since the 1.6-mm-thick sheet steel is used for a chassis in order to secure high rigidity, and also deterrence of vibration is put into practice, it is a chassis which adds a transformer base to a power transformer part, and has a tough structure of 3.2mm in thickness. It is brass shaving, and resembled the speaker terminal, gilding processing was performed, and more reliable connection is made. Moreover, two lines are prepared and bi-wiring is supported.

The phone equalizer which adopted the first rank circuit of discrete composition of having used low-noise FET is carried. Both of the cartridges, MM and MC, can be used by the change of a switch.

Large-sized (27 type) volume was begun and OFC internal wiring material, an inactive gas enclosure type relay, high-quality sound carbon resistance, a high-quality sound condenser, etc. have adopted the reliable part.

There's also a power amp direct input that lets you employ the PMA-2000IVR's amplification in conjunction with a separate preamplifier.

Power consumption: 250W
Dimensions: Width 434x height 180x depth of 478mm
Weight: 20.0kg

Ownership: First
Ageing of the product: Approx 12+ years
Cosmetic condition: 8/10
Working condition: 10/10
Price: 45K

The product is available in Bangalore ... Local pickup preferred coz of the unit's weight ... Outstation shipping can be discussed.

If anyone interested kindly PM me.

Ramesh @ Bangalore

NOTE: The current running model with similar specifications (80+80 watts @ 8 ohms) PMA-2020AE is retailing around 2 lakhs and the next lower model PMA-1600AE (70+70 watts @ 8 ohms) is retailing around 1.6 lakhs. DAC modules are included in these latest two models which is absent in the PMA-2000IVR ... Just for the info.

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