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For Sale stereo setup: Marantz PM6004 amplifier and Wharfedale Evo-8 bookshelf speakers

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Apr 16, 2008
Hi, putting my current stereo setup for sale:

item 1: Wharfedale Evo-8 version 1 bookshelf speakers:

condition: 9/10, these were bought by me in the forum in May 2012 from fm denzong, when they were a year old if I remember correctly; they were hardly just about broken in then, since then i have used this as my bedroom speaker for a year, speakers in pristine condition, almost as good as Denzong had sold me.
location: Mumbai, not willing to ship, have lost the packing material given by Denzong and dont have the time to do wooden crate secure packing
Expected price: Rs. 9000. Denzong had sold these at a criminally low price of 10k:). In keeping with the spirit of the forum 10% discount on that too! :) The price for the current range of Evo is around 40-45k in the international market. Denzong sold these to me at a crazy price so here comes the chance for another lucky fm!
Reason for sale: upgrading to Hari Iyer's transmission line BS speakers.

These speakers are 1 step above the diamond range, akin to the Mezzo range in Mordaunt Short, sound like typical wharfedales, warm and musical. They have top notch quality material with real veneer cabinet with polish, Kevlar drivers, gold plated binding posts. There is no review of the Evo-8 1st generation speakers anywhere, but there is a review of the second generation Evo8 which is a slightly improved one over this version in whathifi

Wharfedale Evo 2-8 review from the experts at whathifi.com

specifications here: I couldn't find the original wharfedale link as this is now discontinued and replaced with new series

Apollo Hifi

link for the original sale thread of Denzong when I bought them:


Item 2:

The award winning Marantz PM6004 amplifier, needs no introduction.
condition: 9/10, these were bought from the forum in April/May 2012, when the amplifier was just two months old. It is in the same condition as it was bought by me.
location: Mumbai, willing to ship anywhere at buyer's cost, have the packing material from the seller.
reason for sale: will upgrade, haven't decided to which one yet.
expected price: Rs. 20,000. Market price 35,000-40,000. I bought these in the forum from fm Krishpiscean in April 2012 at 21k, along with shipping my cost was 23k, again selling at 10% discount in keeping with the spirit of the forum.

link for the original sale thread of Krishpiscean when I bought them:




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Apr 16, 2008
Both amp and speaker on hold for two forum members. Will confirm tomorrow if they are sold, if not the various other interested people who gave responded will be given priority as per the queue.

Thanks everyone for your interest.
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