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For Sale Top notch Indian Classical Albums from 'Chhand dhara' lable (Germany)

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Aug 31, 2006
Dear friends,

I am a very old member of this forum since 2006. I was a bit active till 2009.

I love music and always on the lookout for any good music , recently I came across with a family with some good music collection. As nobody in the family (especially the younger generation) is interested in that music library , that family offered the entire collection (some 300 CDs) to me for a very reasonable price with a condition that I have to buy the entire collection in one go, no selective buying sort of thing. I did that. But many of the titles from the library were already in my personal library of 1000+ albums.

So selling those duplicate titles at the same purchase price , no profit making here.

All CDs are in immaculate condition, no scratches noticed, I have played all CDs on my mid-fi system ( Audionote CDP , Perpetual technology DAC, Cadence VA-1 , Cadence Anina , VDH cabling) all CDs play well. Of course there is some wear and tear to CD covers (couple of crack on the jewel case etc) but CDs are intact for sure. So buy with confidence.

I have some 200 CDs for sale. To manage this, I am selling them in small lots for easy listing.

I had sold some music titles here on this very forum somewhere in April-May 2008. Please check forum archives for buyers feedback.

First lot is :

Indian Classical Music titles from Chandhadhara
Chandashara lable needs no introduction ! As far as Indian Classical Music recording is concerned , they are the best available as on today (baring perhaps Water lilly Acoustic; ECM etc) , CDs are recorded , processed and pressed in Germany.

Most of the tiles are out of print now and rests are difficult to find.

I have following titles for sale:

1. Artistic Sound Of Sarod : Ali Akabar Khan (Raag Basant Mukhari & Jogia) Tabla: Swapan Chuadhari
2. Ornamental Voice : Pt Jasraj (Raag Nayaki Kanda , Adana, Bhajan, BhairavI) Tabla : Zakir Hussain , Sarangi : Sultan Khan
3. The Pioneer Of Santoor : Pt Shivkumar Sharma (Raag: Puriya Dhanashree, Dhun)
4. Hypnotic Santoor : Pt Shivakumar Sharma (Raah Gorakh Kalyan) Tabla: Shafaat Ahmed Khan
5. Vocal Pehenomenal (2 CD Special 70th Anniversary Edition) : Pt Bhimsen Joshi (Raag Lalit, Jogia, Bhajan , Multani, Jaunpuri , Bhajan) Tabla: S S Mulay
6. Jugalbandi Sarod and Sarangi Duet : Ashish Khan & Sultan Khan (Raag Shri, Maru Bihag, Maand) Tabla: Zakir Hussian
7. Homage to My Guru: Jugalbandi Duet for Sitar and Sarod: Ashish Khan & Indranil Bhattacharya (Raag Darbari Kanara, Kirwani . Khammaj) Tabla: Anindo Chatterjee
8. Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia the Bamboo Flutist of this generation: Pt Haripradas Chaurasia ( Raag Yaman, Shivranjani) Tabla: Sabir Khan
9. The Genious of Pt Nikhil Banerjee Sitar: Pt Nikhil banerjee (Rah Shree) Tabla : Anindo Chatterjee
10. Hariprasad Churasia and his Divine Flute: Pt Hariprasad Churasia (Raag Abhogi) Tabla: Sabir Khan
11. Worship By Music: Pt Jasraj (Raag Ahir Bhairav, Bhatiyar) Tabla: Sabir Khan, Sarangi: Sultan Khan
12. The Great Amjad Ali Khan: (Raag Hari Priya Kanada, Maru Bhihag, Adana, Piloo) Tabla: Sukhvinder Sing NamdharI
13. Melodious Sitar of Rais Khan: Rais Khan (Raag Ek Prakaar Ki Todi, Desh, Dhun) Tabla: Swpan Chaudhari
14. Live Rainy Seasons Ragas: Ashish Khan & Zakir Hussian (Raag Desh Malhar , Mian Ki Malhar, Malik)
15. Hariprasad Chaurasia The Most celebrated Flutist of India: ( Raag Mian Ki Malhar) Tabla: Fazal Qureshi

(** Note Tile 5 Pt Bhimsen Joshi is a 2 CD pack)

All CDs originaly priced at Rs 350 /- are offered for Rs 190 each CD (Tile 5: Pt Bhimsen Joshi is a 2 CD pack so would cost Rs 375)
Remember most of titles are Out of print and no longer available in any music store across the country.

I would prefer one single buyer buying the entire lot. Next best could be person buying 10+ titles. It is not possible to sale less number of titles at a time.
First come, first served. Once the Order is confirmed from my side, buyer must transfer the funds within 48 hours, I cant keep any order on hold any further.
Shipping charges: On actual, at present I have no idea about exact charges but just to give you a rough estimate: 10 CDs it will come around Rs 300 and for entire lot Rs 400. Once you confirm your order, I will check with the courier and let you know the exact charges. I will charge on actual , no money making here (rather no money making on this entire sale)

Terms for sale:

1. You buying a used product so expect some normal wear and tear, but trust me all CDs are in immaculate condition. Couple of CD jewel cases are cracked (plastic after all) but CD are intact. All Cds play well and Rip well (if you want to Digitize )
2. No returns , no exchanges
3. Payment 100% in advance via Bank Transfer.
4. Delivery: Items will be shipped on the same day (if possible) or next day, from the day the payment is received. Shipped through reliable courier such as DTDC/ Blue Dart etc. with tracking information.
5. Items will be packed well to avoid damage during transit.


Best mean of contacting me is through forum services (PM)

Thanks for looking !


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Aug 31, 2006
Thanks for looking.

One FM has shown interest in the entire lot , I am communicating with him . Hope the deal goes through.

Watch my future posts for some more exiting titles.

Thank you all.
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