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For Sale Topping TP22 Class D Amplifier

Marantz offers at HiFiMART.com
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Jul 19, 2012
Hi ,

I am selling my Topping 22 Amplifier Since I loved the signature of the Topping and Like to upgrade to Topping TP60(More power).This is my first Class D.I thought of trying this amp for few reasons 1.Very good rating 2.Two Input 3.VFM aS i was looking for my secondary set-up.
I paired the amp with My Yamaha (12 Inch Woofer,3 Way Design) and the music was like ever heard, Since I listen lound and to make sure the Speakers are rightly served thought of moving to TP60 Which is 80W (TP 22 is 25w).
You could check the Online for the review.Personally I made my mind not to dream on Big Brands for upgrade if the Class D could give class Performance.

Please find my Reviw in the post http://www.hifivision.com/amplifiers/64814-review-topping-t22-amplifier.html
Please check the Ebay Site for Sepcification and review : http://vod.ebay.com/vod/FetchOrderD...738018&itemid=281981052785&qu=1&ul_noapp=true

I would suggest this ampplifier for any one who likes to have secondary set-up \Bed room Set-up\Starters to know how technology has widen with such a quality music getting reporduced from Small Amplifier yet powerful and Value for Money.

- T-Amp IC Tripath TK2050 Chip set (TC2000+TP2050)
- Output Power 2 x 30W @ 4ohm, 2 x 25W @ 8ohm,
- 1 x 40W @ 4ohm
- Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) 100dB
- Dynamic Range 100dB

Brand: Topping
Model: TP22
Working condition : 10/10
Cosmetic :9/10 (Since its used I'am giving rating as 9 ,else its 10/10)
Owner ship history : 1 st Owner
Service History: No Service Made
Any functional degrade :None
Accessories :User Manual and Adaptor
Packing: Original Packing availiable)
Purchase Date:7th Sep,2016 (Delivered on 11th Oct,2016)
Invoice Details: Softcopy from Seller Available.

Original\purchased Price: 5608(83.95 USD)
Asking Price :4500.00
Shipping : Across India with buyers cost and Risk
Welcome for audition.

This is not a distress Sale or its not like i Dont like the Amplifier :), I just need to move to higher watts to run My Big Yamaha(100W).I tried checked with few other bookshelfs of Technics\Aiwa and sound was amazing with lot of details and warm as well.

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