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Wanted 8'' or 10'' Subwoffer

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier


New Member
Sep 8, 2012
Hello All

Am looking out for a active subwoofer.
My budget is around 10k.

It's for home theater with yamaha AV receiver I do use it for music and movies.

Preferably bangalore based to avoid shipping hassles, and ease auditioning as well.

Do let me know.

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Aug 12, 2009
The PUNJAB (whats left of it) & Delhi, India
Dear Srikanta,
Firstly, welcome to HFV. :)

the bad news first.
Its indeed a tall order to get a reasonably good branded 8 or 10 inch subwoofer for less than 10K, unless you DIY or buy pre-owned.

Now, the good news

You live in Bangalore, which IMO, is the best city in India for an audio-video enthusiast/afficionado to live in or hail from. (Note that I decidedly refrained from using the term audiophile as I do believe I am not one)There is a wealth of DIY experience-based advice available from eager-to-help FMs available from your city.

In addition, I would like to say that Bangalore is also THE place to buy pre-owned AV stuff from. Just hang around this forum for a while longer, do some searches, read a lot, especially, the 'for sale by members' section and then you can commence a thread in the 'wanted' and/or 'DIY' section.

I also do recall a FM from here offering to build subs for fellow FMs at a reasonable cost. IIRC, it was FM Flash but don't take my word for it yet. Apologies to Flash if it wasn't him. My memory fails me at this point in time.

Whatever you do, be a little patient and for that amount, don't go in for new/branded subwoofer. At best and AFAIK, you can give the offerings from brands like DNM (Mumbai- Mr Dilip N Bajaj), Craftel (Chennai - Mr Mark Murugesan) and Telome (Mumbai). I do not know of any equivalent brands from Bangalore but I know for sure that Mr Arasu Kumar (Mob 09845131413) of Laya Acoustics
in Bangalore and Mr Vikram Joshi (Mob 09819197726) of Raaga Prosound in Mumbai do some great custom-built stuff. There is also another Gent, Mr Doshi or Desai, can't recall the name off-hand. My dear friend FM Denom here knows of him in detail. He has a website too, IIRC.

I once again, strongly recommend going in for DIY/custom-built or pre-owned.

Hope this helps
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Sep 8, 2012

Thanks a ton for the quick response, will hang on and see what comes on my way, also thanks your suggestions on custom-built stuff and will contact the people as you suggested for a custom-built.