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Wanted used CRT TV 22/24 as give away

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Dec 14, 2012
Dear friends,

There is a old couple living in small Hall-cum-kitchen-cum-bedroom like house. near to my house. Husband being sick, most of the time attached to bed. They love to watch TV to kill their time.

They have old color TV which is almost lost its life and the quality of video is very blur and the controls will not work properly. They don't want to go for new set.

I have enquired with nearest TV repair shops to replace the same with the decent quality used TV, but nothing looks in perfect working condition. Couples dont' want to go for new TV even if they get free, to keep their self respect intact.

Many of the FMs here from Bangalore, if they/their friends might have such CRT TV for disposal which has been replaced by LCD/LED.

I request them to spare the same under the following conditions.
1) It should be from Bangalore, so I can pick it up personally.
2) Good working condition with remote.
3) Not bigger than 24" as the available space is very small to keep the TV.
4) Work with Dish or Set-top Box.
5) They can donate it or sell with reasonable price. I am ready to pay.

Kindly PM me or revert here. If I get more than one offer, I will select only best out of them.

-Moderator: I posted this thread here just to get more attention. If the moderator feels to push it to give away section, its OK.

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