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For Sale Weiliang Fully Assembled DAC AK4495

Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 & 11.2 Speakers


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Sep 12, 2008
I purchased a fully assembled DAC kit. The board is designed by Weiliang who is very famous in the DAC kit circuit. It comes with a AK4118 spdif and coaxial input chip and AK4495 dac chip. Both are high end chips. I used the XMOS U8 chip for the usb input which is again high end. Toroidal transformer and branded capacitors make up for the rest of good quality components. For the OP Amp section it came with the LME 49860 which i wasnt happy with and i swapped it for a discrete opamp by linuxguru which gave the sound a lot more balance. Solid build as you can see from the pics. Would never say that this is a kit. Comes in an aluminium front and chassis with heat sinks (which isnt really required since it doesnt heat up at all)

From a sound perspective, it very easily compares to any of the international brands that i have heard selling around Rs 50000 in India. So its very good value for money. Very well balanced sound (very often high spec and poor design results in poor balance in the music), very musical and good detail

Purchased about 2 years ago in Oct 2015. In excellent condition. Selling to upgrade.

Total cost was about Rs 28500 including transport, customs and the opamp upgrade. Selling it for Rs 22000. Negotiable for serious buyers



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