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Another set-up noob, with another set-up thread



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Mar 29, 2018
Hey guys. Just found this forum yesterday, and already it has proven to be extremely useful. I had no idea that India has such a rich A/V community. I've been a member of indianvideogamer forums for quite sometime, and I started a similar thread there a couple of weeks ago. While there are many helpful people there, this is the absolute place for this kind of a discussion. So, why did I want this thread?

1. My place is near Delhi, and try as I might, I can't find many places I can demo stuff
2. I can't find many (or any yet) genuinely helpful people who could guide me along the way, or point me in the right direction
3. I'm tech literate, but I've never ventured into this space, and it is quite overwhelming

So, about me. I've wanted a good (nay, from @audiopro 's thread, a great, or atleast better) sound experience at my place for as long as I can remember. The only place I've been enjoying even semi hi-fi audio has been in my car. For a long time, I didn't have the place, being a "bachelor" in Bombay societies, and for other times, I didn't have the money. I'm finally doing up my room at my place now, and by god I will make it happen this time. :)

Experiences: I truly, truly love an engrossing movie experience. That's my top of the line want. So this will be a HT set-up in priority, tuned for movies. The second priority will be surround gaming. I'm a gamer, and I want to have this giant screen in front of me while I press buttons and magic happens on screen. Then comes music, a non-neglected, but a third level want. Ideally, I wouldn't want to jeopardise music for either of the two above, but for now, that's the order I want it in.
My kind of sound: bass (I know, right? Didn't I just blow your mind? :p). I love thumps, bumps, brrrrs, whirrrs, grrrs, shakes. But, and this is important, even though I love the thump, I do not want it at the cost of clarity and crispness. Many times I've actually watched a movie on my laptop with a headphone instead of on my big TV with a Panasonic 5.1 because it irks me to no end when I miss even a single line of dialog, and then I have to find that damn remote that was right there a second ago, in complete darkness, while the movie is going on spoiling the future and irritating me even more, and then skip back to the part which was unclear to my aural senses for maybe 5 times before I sigh and turn on the CC for that line, and then turn it back off right after. Many times I don't even use the headphones, the rMBP speakers are actually pretty darn great.

Now, with that, it brings me to my current situation. My room is square-ish, an almost square, with a glass wall right opposite the entry door. It is about 400 sq. ft, and the only furniture it'll have is the bed, some seating, lamp lighting, the AC, fans, and a couple of small tables. The room will follow an industrial aesthetic, with raw brick walls, unpainted, wooden (real wood) flooring etc. I don't know how, or if at all this information will be relevant.

I want:
A 150" screen with a movie and gaming optimised projector
A surround set-up which should boom down, and clear up. If it should be 5.1/7.1/.2/Atmos, I do not know.
Total budget: 8L. Would like to keep it at 7, but will go upto 8 if it makes a big enough difference.

I thought if I could get my hands on one competent professional, they should be able to take care of it. It should really be this simple ideally. Anyway, I have so far demo-ed a couple of places, and I will be going for more.

So far, these are the set-up I have been offered:

Set-up 1
BenQ W3000
Liberty Grandview
Marantz 6012
Origin Acoustic LCR69
Origin Acoustic BOC62 Surrounds
Sunfire HRS-12

I demo-ed this exact system, and I quite liked it. This was my first demo though, and I will return to this place this coming week to see if it still sounds good to me. FWIW, I remember the sub out of everything. I mean, that thing was vibratin' man :p

Set-up 2
Viewsonic Pro 8530 HDL or Optoma EH320 UST
Elite screen
Marantz 6012
Earthquake Sound LA63 LCR
Earthquake Sound Image-83X Surround
Earthquake SS82 In ceiling Atmos
Earthquake FF12 sub

This system wasn't available for demo, and I can't find anything much about Earthquake Sound on the web,a nd I've told them no for this, for now.

I'm in the initial stages, so I'm completely open to any and all suggestions for:
1. Demo places in and around Delhi and Bombay (I frequent Bombay for work, and I can take time out for demos in the coming weeks)
2. Set-up critique, tips, directions etc.

I'm looking to finalise by April end.

Thanks for reading. Please chime in.


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Dec 28, 2016
The speakers you have listed are probably not known to many. That's why you are not getting replies. There are numerous threads here regarding demo places in Delhi and Mumbai, as well as new setup threads. If you go through them that should help.
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