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  • is the largest and busiest home entertainment, Hi-Fi and AV Tech community in India.

  • Founded in 2007 and independently run, has become the destination of choice for consumers looking to research and buy their home entertainment products and services.

  • By advertising at, you can reach out to over 100,000 tech and entertainment enthusiasts every month.

  • Every year, delivers over 10 million pageviews of content to the Indian and global audience.

How to Advertise with

You can advertise your products or services on using the two options as mentioned below:

728x90 Banner Ad

You can advertise your product using a 728x90 banner ad at the top centre (above the discussion content) on every page on the site. There are two options available here:

  • A single dedicated 728x90 Banner Ad* on every page (30,000/month). Only your 728x90 banner ad will be shown exclusively on all pages. You can rotate upto 5 different 728x90 banner ads at any given time.

  • A single shared 728x90 Banner Ad* on every page (3,000/month). Your 728x90 banner ad will be shown along with other banner ads on all pages. The maximum number of shared banner ads will not exceed 20 at any given time.

Sponsor your own Forum

  • You can sponsor your own dedicated forum under Sponsored Forums for 60,000/year. This cost allows you to promote and advertise your product and/or services, answer queries and questions within your own dedicated forum only. You are not allowed to promote your products and/or services by participating in any way whatsoever in any of the other open forums.

The prices mentioned above exclude GST. We do not collect GST.

If you are interested in making payment for the above, please contact us with your requirement.

All payments to be made 100% in advance. We do not accept part payments.

The above mentioned rates are final.

* Please send us your 728x90 banner ad along with its target url after making payment. We do not track or maintain records of click throughs and impressions on your banner ads.