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Stereo setup for music-budget aprox 50K

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May 6, 2016
Hello everyone,

I have been going through the threads of this forum, and found it has lots of valuable information and filled with helping members. I thank you all for sharing your valuable knowledge for the benefit of the community.

So far I have been listening to music using my computer sound card and 2.1 speakers of creative, and I also have a HT setup, but that is more of a family choice of Sony HT with tower speakers, which of course ruins my music experience.

I am a music lover and mostly listen to rock, classic rock, soft rock, blues, jazz, easy listening, old hindi classics. My wife on the other hand would like to listen to bollywood music, mostly contemporary.

So, now I want to setup a stereo system only for music, with initial budget of about 50K for speakers and amp. I will add CD player, DAC and other instruments later as I start to enjoy the new system. For now I will be playing my CD's from my laptop which I will connect to the amp. (Please guide me if I am going wrong in doing this, and I would be happy to alter my thought process and go with my purchase accordingly)

So far I have just visited to one shop, from where I regularly buy my music CD's.

They gave a demo of Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 integrated amp and ELAN bookshelf speakers ( I do not recall the model number), the speakers cost about 28K, Amp 22K.

I was pretty impressed with the sound, but then it was a short demo and the songs they played were not of my taste as such. So next time I will take my own music and go for a demo. Also it was a huge move up from my current setup, so that could be another reason to feel the sound was of great quality and was pretty musical.

I seek advise from members here to please guide me to choose a good stereo setup for home.

Thanks :)


Well-Known Member
Jul 6, 2012

There are many brands and models...auditioning is very important...trust your ears..else rely on YouTube videos to get some fair idea....

HT Store or Hi Fi Mart would have some good deals....

Stereo System

Check, demo with your music and decide...take your time and decide correctly..
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