16MBPS which ADSL service is the fastest? emphasis:Kolkata

16MBPS which ADSL service is the fastest?

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Jun 27, 2009
Is it AIRTEL or TATA Photon Pro?
I am a BSNL 8MBPS user and experience erratic performance.

When I am surfing, I rarely cross 1 MBPS. Only when I download with a download manager running 10 parallel pipes, does the speed cross 6MBPS.

How do Airtel and Tata stack up to each other?
Reliance doesnt even mention a 16MBPS service, and their website is too cluttered for me to find anything useful.

EDIT: non-Kolkata opinions welcome too! (Kolkata of special interest though)
How did you get that? It should be 45MB/ minute.
BTW it's 6mbps (mega bits per second).

Okk..so its mega bits and not megabytes...I never understood that part clearly...ok so he is getting 45MB/minute....thats good speed.

In my download manager while downloading it shows 175kbps (I am getting abt 600-675MB per hour) so i thought he is also measuring in same unit and if thats the case then he will be getting the quantity which I mentioned......
Cant say about kolkota here in delhi 16/8 mbps is good for speed but fair usage policy gives 50/gb or 100gb limit
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