2.0/2.1 Speakers to go with TV


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Nov 7, 2007
Recently bought a LG LH90 and after a month, I am now convinced I need a upgrade on the pathetic audio from the TV.

For the moment, I want to invest only in a 2.0 or 2.1 system without amplifier/receiver.

My usage:
1) DivX SD/HD movies : 25%
2) PS3 Games: 25%
3) Remaining is Digital Cable

Here is my wishlist form the speakers:

1) Speakers should'nt sound too bright. I had some experience with cheap Jamo speakers earlier, it would always be a welcome relief to switch off the speakers :). I am hoping my new setup will be much much better.

2) Crisp voice, especially in movies, I want to hear crisp voice, even in scenes with background explosions and bullets ripping around.

3) Great quality even in low volume. I am not a fan of high volume, I like to keep the volume down to just audible most of the time. Still, I would like to hear all the nuances of scene, like empty bullet shells clanking on the floor !

4) Is there a good 2.0/1.2 setup that provide a virtual 5.1 ? for my HD audio in PS3 games!

I have shortlisted the following :

1) Audio Engine A5 : Primarily a PC setup, not much feedback on how it would sound as a entertainment setup.

2) Sound bars : Yamaha, Sonodyne or Q Acoustics

3) The new Q Acoustics QT2

4) Are there other options ?

My budget is 50k, may go higher if there is real value. I need opinion from experts.

Thank you,
Haven't come across anybody with soundbars on the forum so far, but A5 will be hard to beat in a 2.0 setup. If required you can add the AE sub later.

However, with your budget, you should go for a Denon-1610/Yamaha-565/Onkyo-607 AVR and add a 2.0/3.0 speaker set from PSB/Wharfedale/QA etc. The dialouges are typically channeled thru the center speaker in 5.1 tracks and a 3.0 set will definitely deliver what you are looking for. This approach will also give you the flexibility to make it a 5.1 setup in future.
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